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Slow Jam of the year


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I am filling out a survey for a local radio station they gave to a lot of local DJs for their year end awards....I'm stuck on slow jam of the year.

R Kelly - Ignition RMX

Baby Bash - Sugar Sugar

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans

Ashanti - Rain On Me

Jagged Edge - Walked Outa Heaven

Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name

Tough choices...here are my picks for the other categories FYI.

Artist of the Year - Jay-Z

R&B artist of the year - Beyonce

Song of the Year - In the Club

Slow Jam of the Year - ????

Album of the year - Outkast - The Love Between/Speakerboxx

Best new artist - 50 Cent

Best dancehal artist - Sean Paul

Video of the year - Outkast - Hey Ya

Producer of the year - Neptunes

Best calabo. of the year - Bigge, Pac, Eminem - Runnin'

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Originally posted by L46183

Fabulous/Tamia - into you (i dont like fab, but the song is nice)

im suprised that wasnt on a radio station's list, i heard the shit out of this

ure list : alicia keys

Good question...never thought about that one. There are only 6 choices in each category, so I guess they had to leave somethin' out and picked that one. Maybe because he did it with Tamia and Ashanti and it would be tough to give it to one or the other. Beats me...

I think I'm gonna go with Ignition RMX...just can't deny how big that song was earlier this year.

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