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Chicago I heard is like the dirty slums


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i thought chicago was awsome! it is no dirtier then any other major city. as a matter of fact i'd say it was prob. cleaner then alot of the major cities i've been too. DEF. cleaner then NYC and miami IMO. but like ALL cities, it has it's not so nice areas as well. there isn't a city out there that is 100% beautiful. chicago IMO has a very artsy, alternitive feel to it. especially in the areas where gramaphone, smartbar & wrigley field are. the downtown area is like a small NYC but with a more artsy feel to it. i fell in love with the place and am going to be moving there prob. the middle of this year hopefully :)

if you're THAT worried about it maybe you should go for a weeks visit or something and check it out first before deciding to move there.

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Dude only the ghettos are dirty. Unless you are gonna move to the projects or a real bad hood Chicago is a very clean city, especilay compared to NYC, where the garbage & crap is out in front on the street. Chicago has allys here to hide the garbage & crap.

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No shit -3' degrees today...:mad:

Summers kick ASS though, makes up for the winters.

Although winters have been pretty mild the last cpl of years, only few real brutal days, but I like winter and am a big skier so I love the snow (8 inches yesterday), I just hate the bitter cold.

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