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You need to stop doing doing the drugs you sell because they're starting to impair your vision. buy a ticket on spirit for NYC for a decent 30+ clubbing crowd ? please, do tell which one ? because the worst crowd I ever saw in a club was Exit (every guy in a wife beater, the nastiest skankiest whores to service the guys in wife beaters, suburbia kids that and college frats that had no clue). barely any hot chicks, EXIT MAKES SPACE LOOK LIKE MYNT. let's see, Sugar (beautiful but empties by 3), ARC (great music, fun crowd but hardly a 30+ crowd), ROXY (hardcore gay, music is OK for the exception of PR but hardly the ideal clubbing experience), Plant (nobody goes anymore because they have to play music at super low volume due to the cabaret act, I don't even think Ilana plays there anymore). Discotheque (can't pack it in unless it's Morillo on subliminal nights) and the place is smaller than Nerve. Centro Fly (crowd similar to Space). let's see, oh yeah Shelter (great club, great dj booth, if they could only hold a steady party, not consistent, one saturday OK the other terrible). let's see Glass Bar and Spa (great music, snobby as hell, puts Prive to shame, hardly fun). Oh yeah there's Sullivan room and Movida (definately great but hardly make up the Mecca of you clubbing you always talk about). Let's see who comes to rescue NYC from it's little clubbing slump ! a Chicago club with Miami recognition. in your own words GET A CLUE !

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oh forgott to mention Sullivan Room (good club) of course European (dutch) DJ. and LOT51, they got the bad attitude perfect, now if they can only find a haf way decent DJ because the music sucks !!!! oh by the way, in case you didn't know (which I'm sure you don't), one of the founders of Movida is European.

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