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US embassy In Ireland

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Land of the Free - but at a price

THE US Embassy in Dublin is charging premium phone rates of almost €2 a minute for people requesting visa information.

Fine Gael TD Damien English branded the move "a money-making exercise" replacing what he said should be a "a public service responsibility".

Under the scheme, Irish people have to call a 1580 number in Erlangen, Germany, and are charged €1.90 per minute.

Mr English said that before getting the option of speaking to an operator, callers must listen to a minute-long recorded message.

No US Embassy spokesman was available for comment yesterday but, according to its website, visa information is no longer available by phone from the Ballsbridge embassy.

The website advises anyone requiring non-immigrant visa or immigrant visa information to use the phone line for visa questions.

Irish people holidaying in America do not usually require a visa as Ireland is one of 27 countries in the US waiver programme.

However, the embassy advises: "Please inform yourself well ahead of time whether the conditions of visa-free travel apply to you by calling the visa information service."

Eugene Moloney

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Originally posted by pattbateman

or maybe for the secure phone lines you dumb fuck

cheap ass fucks you guys want everything hannded to you

for the love of god

asshole - secure phone lines for what! Getting visa information...maybe you should think intelligently about what you want to say, before opening your mouth. :laugh:

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