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The Zygo Vodka Street Team Wants You!!


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It is getting tough for me to do everything that needs to be done in the Boston area. Zygo is going well across the country and I am doing a ton of traveling.

As a result, we are putting together a Boston area street team for Zygo Energy Vodka (www.energyvodka.com). In Greek, Zygo or "zygos" means balanced. Zygo Energy Vodka is a balance of American potato vodka, all natural flavors and some of the ingredients found in today's energy drinks such as taurine, d-ribose, guarana and yerba mate.

Here is what you need to know:

Be at least 21 years of age. You will have to show ID. Sorry but this is a necessity and keeps everyone out of trouble.

Your mission will be to spread the word about Zygo in your favorite bars, online and talking to friends. While you are about, you will let us know of Boston area opportunities for Zygo.

We are looking for people who are passionate about nightlife, loyal, determined and responsible. You will be part of an elite team of volunteers who spread the word about Zygo. There will be no pay but a top member of the street team could be hired at a later date for a permanent position working for Zygo.

You get out where the action is and spread the word to friends, bartenders and your local liquor store. If you are into internet chat, you will communicate to others there as well. You can also visit tattoo parlors and record stores to tell others about the Zygo revolution.

As a volunteer, you will be invited to Zygo invitation only events and receive swag like posters, stickers, buttons, music CDs, t-shirts, admission to clubs and concert tickets. Additional incentives may become available to those who drive business by opening new accounts or running bar promotions. Members will be able to list their street team experience on their resume including the Team Leader for the Boston area.

General Requirements:

Be at least 21.

Be responsible. You are promoting vodka.

You represent us so have fun and be nice.

Tell us what you think. We appreciate honesty.


Zygo street team members are volunteers. This does not constitute employment with Zygo. There is no monetary payment. Street Team cannot operate a motorized vehicle while working on behalf of Zygo. Street Team members are not authorized to enter into a legal-binding contract/agreement (or otherwise) on behalf of Zygo. All information given to you is property of Zygo and cannot be duplicated or sold.

Next Steps:

If interested please write to ken@energyvodka.com. Once the team is assembled, members will meet at a Boston venue to exchange contact information and elect a team leader.


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