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VW plans two 3-seat cars


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according to CAR, VW is working on 2 mid-engined sports cars to be sold for less than the Concept R.

They are currently being called the CC1 and the CC2. The CC1 citcycar will have an extremely low coefficient of drag. It will be powered by a 400-500cc 2 cylinder with a CVT transmission. It will use an aluminum and magnesium body structure, and will weigh between 880 pounds and 1100 pounds. 0-60 isnt known, but it has yielded 142 mpg in testing.

The CC2 convertible will weigh "no more than 650kg" (1430 pounds). It will feature the 1.8 Turbo 4 cyl with close to 200hp and a DSG gearbox. 0-60 is estimated at 6 seconds, and it gets 56mpg. The CC2 will feature somewhat exposed wheelwells, like the Prowler (although not as far out from the body as the Prowler).

Both models will sell for about $20k. VW plans to sell between 15,000 and 30,000 CC2s a year, and only about 1000 CC1s.

No word on if the CC2 will make it to the US.

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