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let freedom ring?

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what i find particularly funny about the stern mess, is that howard stern has made a 25year carear on being "edgy" on the radio... and in the last 5-10 years, hes done nothing "new" or "edgy" and now all of a sudden hes a problem?

atleast O&A ALMOST (ALMOST) made sense on some level or another... (though, they DID NOT break the FCC guidelines if the script of the show that got them cancelled was reviewed)

but between these messes, and the regulations they've had on phone lines, etc... they really are a bunch of dull zeroes living in the past, stunting the growth of technology/expression...

just keep taking the responsibility away from parents to actually BE PARENTS and blame it all on radio/tv until theres nothing left to blame, and you finally have to take responsibility for spending more time at your job than with your child just so you can have 2 cars in the garage :aright:

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