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Clipz - Cuban Links (Fresh Rmx) / Tripods

Evol Intent / Pish Posh - 7 Angels With 7 Plagues / Corrupt Cops Rmx

Facs & VCA - Paperclip / Incendry

Keaton & Hive - Bring It On / Under Pressure

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Blueprint (Technical Itch Rmx) / Mutants

Rob The Builder (aka Twisted Individual) - Can You Fix It / Cement Mixer

Tech Itch - Soldiers / The Green

Uncut - Chinese Silk (Calibre Rmx) / Chinese Silk (Future Cut Rmx)

Break - Positive Negative / Hearing Voices

Concord Dawn - Morning Light (Klute Rmx) / Don't Tell Me

DJ Hidden & Slack Note - Where's the Score (Original Mix) / Where's the Score (Evol Intent Rmx)

Goldie - Angel III (Loxy & Ink Rmx) / Sinister (Spirit Rmx)

Greenfly / Champagne - Electrofusion / Deep

John B - Pressure 2004 Rmx / Sight Beyond 2004 Rmx

Nasty Habits - 4 Da Cause / Shadow Boxing (Jonny L Rmx)

Nightwalker - Colobus / Mayhem

Serum - Vile / Bleak

Konfusement Records

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