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90's Dance Song ID


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I’ve been trying to find this one song since the summer of 1996 (that's when I started hearing this song), and was wondering if anyone out there knows anything about it. I know this is a real shot in the dark obscure sun moon and stars need to line up type of request.

The song started out with violins for about 15 seconds and then some European girl (she sounded hot- must’ve been a blonde) with a high powered voice started singing something like:

“There’s nothing I can do,

There’s nothing I can say,

That’ll change you mind,

You look away.

There’s nothing I can do,

It’s always just the same,

But I guess it’s alright.â€

Then the violins fade as the song picks up into a pretty high speed (at least high speed for 1996) drum n bass beat, as the female singer keeps repeating the chorus over again (as far as I could remember).

Then as the song starts to wind down, she starts singing

“But I won’t give up,

No I won’t give up,

No I won’t give up.â€

And she sings that probably 3 or 4 times before the song fades.

I fear that this song might have faded into dance fever obscurity, but I just gotta try and find it! But anyway Thanx y'all!


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