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Autoshow In Motion review

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first off I would like to apologize for the lack of pictures...i forgot my digital camera. DOH!

this event was very well organized. Lines were generally short, except for a certain few cars. There were a few sections: Luxury, Passenger, Trucks (ie Pickups), SUVs, and Large SUVs. The Hummer H2 had its own section, and the Corvette & SSR shared another section.

Generally the cars were automatics, but manual versions of the Vibe, GTO, Corvette, and CTS were available.

I managed to test the Saab 9-3 sedan (fun to drive and great exhaust note), CTS (great handling...but I felt removed from the whole experience), Saab 9-5 Aero (much better handling than my 9-5...still a bit sloppy though), GTO (:drool: ), Corvette (:drool: ), SSR (blehhhhhh to drive....metal interior bits actually cut me :(), SRX V8 (best SUV there, imo), Chevy Equinox (ridiculous amounts of understeer), Lexus RX330 (zzzzzzz), Honda Accord (i definitely would not mind owning one), Hyundai Sonata (also would not mind havng this one....came very close to the Accord), Grand Prix GTP (suprisingly quick), Bonneville V8 (also very quick....horrible interior though), Ion (peppy engine....otherwise crap), Scion Xa (I would not want to ever drive this on the highway...and the build quality was not good), Chevy Aveo (better quality than Scion and quicker....but had very uncomfortable seats), and the Corolla (i barely fit in it....boring car).

there were other cars there that I wanted to test, but the lines were too long. These included the X5 3.0, Acura TL, 3-series, and MB C230.

I hope DaimlerChrysler or Ford do one of these.

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