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Sasha - Involver out today !!!!!!


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Yo what the fuck?! Where have all you people been? Where has the legendary tempts VIBE gone? I tell you what...it sure has NOTHING to do with the club or the way denny is playing. IN fact, I have been going to tempts for years and this is the best I have heard denny play week in and week out....so where the fuck are you supposed Tempts heads who talk mad shit about how siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick the summer gonna be at tempts, but then you only go on holidays and special events....POSERS! The Temptations gods are furious and something has to be done.

I mean seriously, even the bouncers are upset because they dont even get to fuck as many people up and carry out as many dipshits anymore!!!!!

This is a TEMPTS CALL TO ARMS. For all those people who say they love tempts, act like they love tempts and talk mad shit about how theyre gonna rip it up every weekend but then dont even show their sorry faces, IM TALKING TO YOU. LEST WE FORGET, some of the greatest times of our clubbing lives were spent at tempts, at the skilled hands of Mr Tsettos.

So where are THE PEOPLE? Did they get old and grow out of it? Did they decide to follow the "scene"? Are they just fucking cheap and lazy? COME BACK AND MAKE THE CLUB AS GREAT AS IT IS!!

I was talking to Tempskid this weekend at TEMPTS about the state of affairs at our beloved club and we came to the realization that the VIBE is not there right now but can and must be restored.

SO stop be fucking jackoffs and come home because you know you can never have as much fun anywhere else. And for real, denny is ripping the sickest beats this summer. I been there every week and checked out a few of the other clubs and by far, the music at tempts has been waaaaaaaay better (no offense to those other clubs/djs/promoters/etc). Ask anyone who know anything about music who has been there.

Dont forget the place. The memories, the music and the mayhem. The most energy of any club anywhere...


Keep the vibe alive,


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