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mailing lists suck. unless you join them of course.

we DO NOT trade and/or sell ANY addresses and if you wish to discontinue, a simple request removes you, no questions asked.

our mailers are typed for info only, so they don't clog yer box. a clogged box can be very irritating.

so, if you join our list at neweranightlife@hotmail.com , not only do you get priority guest list priviledges for plush but way cool party info like this:


i know it's been a while since i've sent a mailer but this week we have lots of things to talk about.

first, i want to thank andrew newcombe for his stellar, block rockin set at plush last week. it was great having him down and hopefully we can do it again sometime.

this week, june 26, we are fortunate enough to have a boston area local, grace our decks before he moves on up to the big leagues. party monster eli wilkie will be joining us, hot off of some serious gigs and rave reviews at this years winter music conference and a very high profile gig at "stereo" in montreal.

eli is a well versed producer as well, with credits under the moniker "agent 001" with his partner, producer and global dj friend, steve porter.

he's played every major club in boston, including a recent session at avalon and now he's thrilled to come rock out with us!

saturday is gonna knock!

you can find more info on eli @ www.eliwilkie.com .

next week, july third, we are celebrating not just the birth of our nation but, also, the birth of my good friend and dj doug diesel. this is a "girl's night out" party so, there will be plenty of vocals and some "throwback" favorites as well as some doug diesel, siganture bangin beats!

now, a SERIOUS PARTY ALERT... saturday JULY 10!!!!

"The Lost Tweakend 3.0"

if you don't know already, tweak (jim) and i (ede) will be celebrating our birthdays that week. he the 8th and me the 6th. plush will hold court for our official birthday BASH in the third installment of the now legendary Lost Tweakend!

and to top it off, our special guest dj will be DENA!

dena knocks!! she killed plush on her last visit and being that she is my favorite dj, we could think of no other, that that we would want to play our birthday party!!

this is a "no excuses" party warning! and not for the faint of heart! the weak need not apply!

and if that's not enough the party will continue at pulse at 2am where mike whalen will return from florida to bang us out with wil trahan until 2pm!!!!

only the strong will survive baby!!!

that week, you will all get an invite mailer with all the dirty details.

if you would like to reserve a table or guestlist, DON'T wait till the last minit! this one will be SLAMMIN from wall to wall.

stay tuned.

the party doesn't stop there... we have confirmed summer dates from nailz, paul dailey, groovefire, and a very, very special guest appearance from JOHN DEBO of "culture", "chrome", "avalon|boston", "squareone|boston", and john digweed's "bedrock" recordings.

we have more confirmations to announce in the weeks to come and i can promise you that this summer will rock!

plush... the music... and you.

hosted by tweak.

house by ed:e armand

with special guests:

0626| eli wilkie

0703| doug diesel | girl's night out diesel b-day bash

0710| dena | the lost tweakend

stay tuned for info on:

x-mas in july

nailz | a midsummer night's dream

tweaked and violated [a bos|prov afterhours event]

john debo | boston house legend plush debut

paul dailey | the return

groovefire | the return

frank and phonic | comming back with a four turntable tag team spectacle

and much, much, more...

take care everyone!


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