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Journalists 'Embarrassed' Bushies Cover Kerry Better Than They Do


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When John Flip-Flop Kerry boasted to a group of fat-cat supporters in Boston that he and running mate John Edwards were "proud" they had voted against funding the troops they had voted to send to Iraq, you weren't supposed to hear that. Had it been up to the media establishment, you wouldn't have heard that.

So, why did you hear it? You can thank President Bush's re-election campaign.

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The pro-Kerry New York Times fretted today that, taking a cue from "Bill Clinton's pioneering effort in 1992," the president's "operatives had somehow arranged for their own audio feed, they refused to say how, and were listening intently, ready to pounce on any opening for attack."

After the Bushies alerted the media to Kerry's latest gaffe, even the likes of the Washington Post, Boston Globe and the Times itself had to report the news or risk being upstaged by rivals.

Exposed and Humiliated

"Several journalists who cover Mr. Kerry later said they were too embarrassed to say publicly that it took the Bush operatives to spot what was notable in Mr. Kerry's remarks," the Times noted.

Don't worry, "operatives" of Big Media. The Republicans will keep helping you do the job you're too biased or lazy to do yourselves.

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