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07.30>>Ed Rush and Optical, Scott Henry and FOAM @ Cubik!


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FRIDAY, July 30th 2004: Rubber Ducky Foam Party


SCOTT HENRY [www.buzzlife.com | DC]

Buzzlife founder Scott Henry will be taking over the main room with a special FOUR HOUR SET! Not since Cubik's opening almost a year ago has Scott played all night, and after his blazing, early morning set at Starscape this past weekend we KNOW this week will be a treat!

ED RUSH & OPTICAL [Virus Crew | UK ]

The UK's Ed Rush & Optical will be laying it down proper in the drum 'n' bass room. Ed Rush & Optical have been major players in the scene for quite a few years now. Optical's engineering and co-writing tracks on Goldie and Grooverider's albums has brought him a lot of mainstream attention, but those 'in the know' realise his best work is with Ed Rush. The quality and amount of tunes they've made together in such a relatively short space of time has helped Virus rise quickly to the stage where every release is eagerly anticipated.

Throughout their career, the duo have been pioneers, constantly pushing the boundaries, always keeping the drum & bass sound moving forward "I've never really looked at it in that way," Ed Rush says, "Always trying to do something different has been the main thing that has powered me. Once you've found a formula that works, be it the beats or the way that you arrange a track, it's very easy to just stick to it. That's boring. It's nice to try and really push the boat out. I've never intentionally wanted to do something that will change everything. We just try and do things that sound different and are interesting to listen to, yet still work on the floor.

MRN [dcdnb.org | NUCO | Testflight | DC]

RANSOM [dcdnb.org | DC]

SPIGGY [sovereign State | DC]


Foam parties are already massive bubble-baths, but it's a lot more fun when we invite hundreds of our rbber-quacking friends to join in. Voted one of the 'Top 10 Summer Nights" bu Urb Magazine, we will be making bubble magic the last Friday of every month. The multilevel patio hosts 8 foam machines, letting the foam reach heights of up to 20 feet! Jump in the fun or head to the upper deck to watch it all from above!



07.30: SCOTT HENRY | ED RUSH & OPTICAL - Foam Party!


08.06: SANDA COLLINS | SCOTT HENRY - Bit 'o' Honey Set

08.27: HYBRID - DJ Set



$10 for Buzz members until 12 midnight

$15 General admission before 11 p.m.

$20 General admission after 11 p.m.

Prices subject to change for special events.


All events are 18 & over w/ proper, gov't-issued, photo ID

Regular hours: 9 p.m. - 4 a.m. | OPEN BAR from 9 p.m. - 10 p.m.

CüBIK is every Friday at NATION

1015 Half St. SE, WDC


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Hahaha. Most def. bring a rubber ducky! Those things are fun!

They should play Bert and Ernie's "Rubber Ducky" song outside on the patio allll night long :D

but they would need to add some bass to it so it would be something like :

rubber *bump* ducky *bump* your the *bumpity bump bump bump* ONE

....or not :hat:

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