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Usher and Kanye West...Truth Tour


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Just got back from doing promo work at the opener for the Truth Tour of Usher and Kanye West in neighboring Hampton, VA.

Mase and Christina Millian were special guests as well. Christina Millian opened with AM to PM, which everyone remembered and was singing along with. She did a few of her other songs, then closed her set with Dip It Low. Then after a 10-15 minute set change, Mase came out and opened with Welcome Back. Being a Mase fan since he first came out, I was lovin it, and so was the rest of the crowd. Then he did some older favs. of mine. including the corny, but in my mind classic, Feel So Good. He closed out his set with his new song, Breathe, Stretch, Shake. Then about another 10-15 minutes later Kanye West came out and tore the roof off the place. I'll admit I have been an anti-Kanye guy in the past on here, but I will take all of that back. He put on probably the best show out of all 4 of them. He had the crowd going, and had so much energy, it was crazy. He did all his recent hits too. The highlight was when he was about to end his set but then the backbeat for Jesus Walks kicked in and Mase came out again and they did the remix to it together. I had never heard it until then, but it sounded hot, and they performed it well.

Then some guy named Usher came out and did did his thing. Of course he did his hits...Confessions 1 and 2, Bad Girl, Burn, U Dont Have to Call, and some other past hits....even went way back and did My Way...of course he closed out with Yeah.

All in all it was a great show...going into it I was only looking forward to seeing Mase, but left loving all the performances. Anyone else who has a chance to see this show, should!

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