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Adding a new "instrument" to the arsenal


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so i was at sullivan last week to see ralph lawson. i was actually able to get to see him work in the booth and it was amazing!!

he was just suing vinyl and a Mac laptop.

it looked to me like he would record part of the song and then do a live remix or loop it. his set was absolutely amazing!

i would love to learn how to do this but i have NO IDEA what software he was using or what kind of Mac he had. Im pretty much a purist when it comes to DJing (i only use vinyl, hate cd's). but it was amazing what he was doing with this mac to add in drum loops ect.

what kind of mac should i buy and what software would i be using? also what kind of connections would go from the mac to the mixer. would i need to get a special kind of mac or would i just need to get a good soundcard for it.

any kind of help woulb be greatly appreciated guys! :rock:

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the software was probably Ableton Live....

Sick program that let's you do "live remixing" as you described...

You can get a free demo of it @ there website...

I watched a guy @ WMC at one of the hotel parties doing the same thing... He only had 1 turntable and A laptop and was remixing the tracks right there live...

I was def. impressed.

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