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montreal thread 5000...

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As far as clubs are concerned you've got Stereo & Aria. Stereo is great. A lot of people consider it to be a modern version of Twilo. It has the best soundsystem in the world. I've never been to Aria, but I've heard good things about it as well.

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schweet~! whats the deal with women up there? do you know any places for rock/bands~!? also how much is fair amount to bring with me for one weekend~!?

Women are awesome (French / Canadian need I say more?) very hot without the attitude that usually comes with hot women. US Dollar goes about 30% farther in Canada. They have ATM's so you can just hit those as you need. I'm not really into rock anymore so I can't really answer that but St. Catherine's is the main strip in Montreal. I'm sure you could find something either on St. Catherine's or right off there....

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There are many more clubs than stereo and aria. Are you looking for afterhours?

In addition to the first mentioned clubs there is also sona, and a new one named circus which is very nice inside.

for restaurants, there are so many good ones in the city, you won't have any problem finding something.

You may want to look on st laurent street, but there lots of districts worth visiting.

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