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8/12 Tonic @ Blue Room ~ Matt Sanborn, Joe L., and LXG


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8/12 Tonic @ Blue Room ~ Matt Sanborn, Joe L., and LXGTONIC


Grand Opening!

Come join us this Thursday for opening night of Tonic. Tonic will feature house, breaks, and DnB showcased by local, national, and international talent. With residents Matt Sanborn and Joey Muniz from Broken Soul puttin it all together. This will be an awesome night not to be missed!


Matt Sanborn (Broken Soul, Section 8, Friends & Family, DC)

Joe L. (Dirty Sugar, Rendevouz, DC)

LXG (Give Productions, Transit, DC)



Blue Room

2321 18th St NW

Washington DC 20009






Rasoul (Large, Seasons, Naked, Panhandle, SAN FRANCISCO- CA.)

Guy's early childhood was filled with learning experiences from both school and his family. He drew inspiration from many things, most importantly a love of the visual arts.

During his high school days Guy was immersed in a musical household. "My dad was into music a lot and has always been friends with a lot of African musicians." He promoted lots of reggae and African bands (in the SF Bay Area) which enhanced my love for music.

Around 1983 Nado saw the Grammy's which featured a huge, collaborative keyboard performance between Stevie Wonder, Harold Faltameyer and Herbie Hancock. This solidified his enthusiasm for music. "I just thought, that's cool, I wouldn't mind trying something like that.

By 1989 Nado had been toying with various samplers and keyboards producing hip hop, when a friend of his introduced him to house music while he was attending college in Atlanta. It gave him the perspective he needed to begin his soul-searching quest towards a fresh new sound. "When I first heard house, I guess I was really blessed to hear the good stuff like Finger's "Can You Feel It" and The Logic's "The Warning", and all the stuff that came out on DJ International and Trax."

After Nado moved back to the Bay Area from Atlanta in 1991 he was introduced to soon-to-be legend DJ Digit who would prove influential. The meeting solidified a budding partnership, Nado explains: "I went to his studio to share some of my early tracks-he was impressed and said that I should get into a proper studio." Eventually Digit made history by opening BPM Records, San Francisco's first exclusively electronic dance music store. The store was also a base for the infamous Third Floor Studios where RaSoul had the opportunity to broaden his production experience in house. The next few years saw RaSoul working closely with Third Floor Productions (Buck, Brendon McCarty, DJ Digit and DJ EFX). His first EP, 'For Your Soul' was released on N-Fusion, which was one of the seminal underground house labels out of San Francisco.

In middle of 1994, RaSoul would become a household name in the underground with his Strictly Rhythm backed label Freshly Squeezed, recording as The Mad African, Page & Webster and others - a defining moment in his career. In a bold move, the Third Floor production crew decided together to pack up and migrate to London, England. There Rasoul had the chance to play in such clubs as Back II Basics, Hard Times, The Hacienda in Manchester and London's Ministry of Sound. At this time Nado and cohort B. McCarthy released such timeless classics as 'Deep Excursions', on the Subwoofer label and 'NW2', on Strictly Rhythm. Their time over in England had been defining for them musically, but it was time to go back to the States and go separate ways. The 3rd Floor crew had decided to disband.

Arriving back in San Francisco in 1996, Nado decided it was time to focus on family life. After a brief hiatus in the hills of Oakland, Guy built up his home recording studio and started to making tracks again. This period would prove to be the beginning of a strong creative cycle.

The year was 1997 and the pieces began to fall into place as record labels learned of his whereabouts. One of the first labels to contact Rasoul was Large Records, thus spawning the now classic Soul Searching Series.

When it rains, it pours. In the five years since his return to the house world, Nado has gone on to make tracks with Miguel Migs as the duo called Nightsource and launched his own deep house label, Soulfood. Currently Rasoul is a major influence in West Coast House soun

Keenan (The Move, House next door, DC)

Joey Muniz (Broken Soul, Funk Tribe records, DC)



Blue Room

2321 18th St NW

Washington DC 20009




upcoming guests: Eastcoast Boogiemen, Suneel, Bassmachine, Illefect, Hitoi, Darkenetiks, Kirk Out, Buster, Bioteknik, and more!!

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