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2 short mixes @ 192K


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I was recently told that in order to get tunes heard..ya gotta get em to where people can hear them. Makes sense..sooo..here are two short 30 mix mixes (192K) with 2 of my tunes starting things off for all to hear, comment, or criticize. Also, check out that tune by Ralo on the 2nd mix down there, as we still have a few limited copies of that available via the KR website. Nevermind the International policy stuff listed on the FAQ page. If you are willing to pay the shipping, we'll work it out. Peace!



Konfusement Records -the cheapest DNB to fall off a truck

Mix 1:


Bink - Reborn

Artificial Intelligence - Uprising

High Contrast - Racing Green

Hold Tight - Something Else

Artificial Intelligence - Silicon Valley

Commix - Herbie

Syncopix - Soul Secure

Hold Tight - Bubblin' Over

Mix 2:


Bink - Lost

Cartridge - Dark Shadows

Ralo - Aftermath

Resonant Evil - King of the Streets

Rawthang - Headbutt

Dom & Roland - Paradrenasite (combined by Hive)

Dom & Roland - Moulin Rouge

Gridlok - Brat

Cartridge - Life Cycles

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