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Hardware Vs. Software


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for the longest time ive been wanting to get a yamaha synth keyboard so i can start making some beats along with my drum machine. some of my friends however tell me i should get reason and other such software. ive never really understood those programs and id rather just use my drum machine and that yamaha. which do you guys prefer??

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well ive been using Digital Performer and a Korg triton for some time now and its work very well......but it just takes up TOOOO much space....its expensive to upgrade the keyboard as well if your going to ad soundboards to it..midi equiptment is also expensiveand hard to use if u dont know what your doing.....starting to switch to the software and the possibilities seem ENDLESS with reason and recycle cuz there is no limit to how many samples and sounds u can incorperate into a software program...

doesnt mean im going to get rid of my hardware....try to use both...who knows what awesome tracks you could come up with if you did that....they both have good and bad points

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you can use a program like cubase or acid on so on. and just buy vst plugins. they are soft sythns. instead of buying a moog keyboard that costs like $3000 you can buy the plug in for like $300. that way is alot cheaper. but people do have there preferences. some people like the real thing and some people might just wanna use a plug in. something like that is up to you. what every you find more convienent for yourself

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