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Its all a bunch of nonsense... mostly dried opium lettuce (no opium - its just a type of leafy green). There are alot of herbs that will give you a buzz if you smoke a ton of it..... but why take in all that smoke if you dont have to.... Its a big rip off... fro what you pay you can get the real thing..... I know some people who use that "herbal hash" as a cut for real hash (grind an recompress)...seems to be the only use for any of that...

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Put it this way, the only place to get that shit is from www.herbalsmokeshop.com . I've tried it and its not that bad for the money(20 bux for 1.4 ounce)ITS NOT WEED. dont expect anything close to it. BUTTTTTT, --it gives you a nice buzz and relaxed feeling. It doesnt last very long either. Like 15 min. I recommend buying some just for shits and giggles. ITS GREAT WHEN DRUNK. You get this overal mellow hapyp smiley vibe. Imagine smoking 2 tokes of crappy weed. Just a slight buzz, your eyes stay clear-you can think clearly and drive(although you do get a little light headed)The Hawain shit is good and so is the #2 on their list.(forgot the name). Try it, ITS NOT WEED- but its definitly something kool to add into the mix when your drunk. You get bored of it quickly though. When you first buy it. You roll like 10 Jz to bring into a club. After your messe dup from the booze, you start smoking. After a few weekends though, and the bag that you bought gets empty, you never really buy anymore. You go right back to the real thing. BUT FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO SMOKE WEED, have them smoke this with you, its pretty fun but nothing to get excited over(reason for why they arent SUPRE popular) The Red Dawn Pills are garbage, you get happy and a little tingley but its so little, that its not worth the headache in the morning.


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Opium Lettuce -Lactuca virosa -Commonly used as a mild sedative or hypnotic for insomnia and relaxation in asia

Artemesia Vulgaris also known as: 'Mugwort' is a mild relaxant.

Damiana-The herbal peopl eclaim it's an "aphrodisiac"

Kava Kava-has some sedative properties

That's generally what's in of those "blends" High times endorses that particular brand because they advertise in the magazine... its like comparing good garbage to bad garbage anyway....

Lactuca Virosa (aka Lettuce Opium) the main ingedient in all of this stuff-is structurally unrelated to opiates, it might still soothe irritating cough, ease you a little, and maybe help you sleep but wont get you high and is toxic - unlike weed... in other words... it will damage you liver unlike the real thing...... In the world of drugs HERBAL is just another word for - absolutely unregulated so step the fuck back FDA... dont believe the 100% safe claims .... the real thing is actually safer as far as your health is concerned...

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