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Pics from WU-TANG show(fri) & Pics from ODB's last NYC Show


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I was in continental airlines arena on Friday night chanting ODB's name and waiting for him to come out on stage.... he never did...

I though he was just being irresponsible and missed the show.... to find out a few hours later that he passed away was devestating and it made me want to cry...

Method Man kept asking where ODB was (although I think he was doing this to prove a point to the other members.... and probably felt like a huge asshole later on when he found out ODB died...I am sure he regretted some of what he said)

....he told the crowd of 10,000 or so.... if ya'll see him, tell him we need him here, his family needs him.... No one man is bigger than the Clan..... I just keep thinking...imagine how they felt to find out a few hours after the show that ODB died...

To see a bunch of pics from the concert just go to www.RiotSound.com and click on Pics... its right at the top....

Also... right below the Wu-Tang concert link is a link for Pics for ODB's show in BB King's from February in NYC... this was his last New York Performance... I was there and it was dope... ODB ripped it.... it wasn't like you was going to a Camron show or some cornball like that... he kept it real.... RIP

Here are a few pics from both shows… many more on the site…enjoy







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