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New & Notable Releases for 6-12 December 2004

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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Blur “Song 2 2004†White ENG 12 – massive house reworking of this indie rock classic by Tim Deluxe, circulating as BS2001, the full vocal, guitar line and shouts all supported by a driving house underlay. Solid.

Delerium “Silence 2004†White ENG 12 Bootleg – haunting, spacious breakbeat reworking by Medcab of this classic track, circulates as M3D007.

Cosmic Gate vs Jan Johnston “Bilingual Skydive†White GER 12 – circulating as COSMIC001, this takes Jan Johnston’s spectacular vocal and lays it over the instrumentation from Cosmic Gate “Bilingual.†Stunning mashup perfect for bigroom trance floors.

Duran Duran “Save A Prayer 2004†White ITA 12 – new Italian bootleg of this classic track with the chours worked into a dreamy yet chunky house production by Joy Kitikonti. Circulating as JK Collection, catalog number OZ001, the flipside has a reworking of the Candi Staton classic “Your Love†in a similar style.

Harold Faltermeyer “Axel F 2004†White ENG 12 - Breakbeat-tinged reworking of this 80s synthpop classic, catalog number is AG001, quite faithful to the original production with all the famous synth patterns present.

Jimi Hendrix “Foxy Lady 2004†White ENG 12 – chunky breakbeat-influenced reworking by Slide with hooks of the original vocal worked into the production. Circulating as FOXY001.

Inner City “Good Life 2004†White GER 12 – driving techno remix of this classic circulating as Killa Productions, catalog number KB202, with elements of the vocal and original instrumentation transformed into an energetic techno interpretation. Flipside is a similar-styled reworking of The Goodmen “Give It Up.â€

Michael Jackson “Off The Wall 2004†White ENG 12 – Soul Avengerz reworking in a classic disco-house style with brass and piano flourishes and hooks of the chorus worked into the production. Flipside is a funkier, deeper interpretation with the vocal dubbed in and out. Circulates as SAZ2005.

Howard Jones “What Is Love 2004†White GER 12 – chunky house reworking from Milk & Sugar circulating as MSLOVE001, the original chorus worked into classic Milk & Sugar production.

Mory Kante “Yeke Yeke 2004†White ENG 12 – circulating as YEKE001, chunky house reworking with the original vocal chants worked into the production.

Masters At Work vs Mr Scruff “Get A Work On†White ENG 12 – circulates as DREAD2, the chunky female vocal from the MAW classic over the funky, sax infused instrumentation of Mr Scruff “Get Ya Move On.â€

New Order “Confusion 2004†White ENG 12 – reworking by Sucker DJs, circuates as MOUCHE005, includes the full vocal in a chunky house reworking, one side with full vocal, the other dubbed out.

Prince “Flash 2004†White ENG 12 – funky, chunky discohouse reworking circulating as New World, catalog number PB001, with one side featuring the full oringal vocal, the other side a dub.

Soft Cell “Tainted Love 2004†White GER 12 – another bootleg reworking by Thomas Schumacher, with Soft Cell collaborating in the update. Includes both full vocal and dub versions. Catalog number is WHITE012.

Sparkle “Bring It Back To Love 2004†White ENG 12 – chunky house reworking circulating as Puscha Allstatrs, catalog number REBEL001, soulful male vocal over driving house orchestration. Flipside track features a solid female vocal over a similarly energetic house production.

Byron Stingily “Get Up 2004†White ENG 12 – Avenue series #15 with one side a chunky house reworking of the Byron Stingily classic and the flip featuring a reworking of the early 90s classic by Baby D “Let Me Be Your Fantasy.†Both mixes are piano-driven house productions.

Stonebrige vs LMC “Put Em High In The Clouds Above†White ENG 12 – circulates as Bootique Technique, catalog number BTI2, vocal from Stonebridge over the Instrumental of LMC’s “Take Me To The Clouds Above†(which is based off of the synth line to U2 “With Or Without Youâ€) Flipside takes the vocal of Danzel “Pump It Up†over a mid-90s techy house production.

Various “Best Of Old School Acapellas 3†White ENG 12 – circulates as BOA3, a collection of 17 different acapellas from classic 80s and 90s club and pop hits, incluing Rozalla “everybody’s Freeâ€, Whitney Houston “Love Will Save The Day†and Shannon “Let The Music Play.†Very limited.


Dave Armstrong “Out Of Touch†Boss ENG 12 – new UK edition of this solid cover of Hall & Oates’ classic track, with a seductive female vocal interpetation over an energetic house orchestration. On the flip, Harlem Hustlers give the track a chunkier, funkier feel with a darker orchestration and dubbed out vocals.

Sheila Brody “U Ain’t That Good†69 USA 12 and C5 – latest release from Peter Rauhofer’s 69 label is another massive vocal house production with an energetic diva vocal setting the record clear over driving rhythm lines and hooky bigroom house synth orchestration. Two mixes, with the CD-Maxi also adding radio edits.

Copyright “Release Yourself†Copyright USA 12 Part 2 – New remix by Reel People of this seductive garage vocal cut with a solid female vocal, smooth house orchestration and shuffly rhythms. Includes both full vocal and dub mixes

DJ Pierre & Marshall Jefferson “Clap Your Hands (Everybody Dance 2004)†Essence ENG 12 – Solsonik reworking this classic house production from a few years back with the inspirational vocal worked into a funky production with both a full vocal and dub version provided.

D2 “This That†Wallop ENG 12 – Wallop moving into a more classic vocal house direction with this seductive production featuring a sultury female vocal over the light, slightly progressive-tinged house orchestration. On the flip Beginerz provide a solid reworking.

Gordon Edge “Set Your Body Free†Edge ENG 12 – Chunky house production with a deep, mysterious female vocal hook of the title worked into the dark, funky production. On the flip, “Heat Haze†is an instrumental track featuring a hooky trumpet sample.

Seamus Haji “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life†Big Love ENG 12 Part 1 and Part 2– the classic disco cut getting a new revival from Seamus Haji with part one featuring his own mixes with a full vocal mix fetuing a seductive female vocal over the electro-tinged production. Also includes a dub version. Disc 2 features three solid mixes by ATFC in a more classic house sound. Excellent reworking of a classic track.

Anita Kelsey “Every Kiss†Extrema BNX 12 – D-Note vocalist going solo with this solid production featuring Anita’s seductive vocals over solid disco-influenced house orchestrations. Remixes come from Mischa Daniels and Fedde Le Grand.

Maskio vs Giorgio Roma “Thailand†Mantra ITA 12 – Excellent progressive-tinged tribal production with haunting Eastern-influenced samples worked into the driving tribal beat. Flipside track “Between The Dunes†is in a similar style.

David Morales “How Do You Feel†You USA 12 Part 2 – This incredible vocal house masterpiece gets the rework from Peter Rauhofer who toughens up the rhythm lines and darkens the synthwork but preserves the inherent beauty of the vocal. Two mixes, one a bit darker and dubbier but both solid reconstructions.

Onyx “Every Little Time†Data ENG 12 – Bouncy commercial production with a hooky singalong female vocal paired in its original form with a chunky, slightly techy house orchestrations. Remixes come from Alex K and Rezonance Q who transform the track into a HiNRG anthem.

Tatjana Orffe f/Jocelyn Brown “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys†Afrovision GER 12 – the incredible vocal talents of La Brown in full effect here with this solid disco-flavoured house production that is a solid example of the classic house style of production. Includes a darker, chunkier dub on the flip.

Eric Prydz “Call On Me†Executive FRA 12 – France enters the remix ring on one of the year’s biggest club anthems as Steve Angello and Sandy W offer up tech-tinged reworkings that make full use of the Steve Winwood vocal samples perfectly.

Robbie Rivera “Blah Blah Blah†You USA 12 – Latest single from America’s master of electrotech is another chunky, aggressive production with acidic synth sweepd, driving rhythm lines and hooky female vocals. Remix by Rooster on the flip takes a page from the mid-90s handbag house sound with its sharp synth stabs.

Rod Stewart “Do You Think I’m Sexy 2004†Warner USA 2x12 – one of the legends of rock reworked for the new millennium here as “Rod the bodâ€â€™s classic vocal is integrated into energetic house orchestrations perfect for the bigrooms. Ralphi Rosario, Peter Rauhofer, Bastone & Burns mix.

Jimmy Somerville “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough†Hablando GER 12 – cover of the classic Diana Ross torch song given a tough techy rework by Boris Dlugosch and Bjorn Wilkie with two solid electrohouse reconstruction, one that dubs in the vocal, while the other makes more complete use of Jimmy’s falsetto.

Mousse T “Right About Now†Free2Air ENG 12 – Massive followup to “Is It Cos I’m Cool†with a driving female vocal over energetic house orchestrations. Remixes come from Gaudino in a classic disco-tinged style and Fuzzy Hair in a chunkier, techier interpretation.

T&F vs Moltosugo f/CeCe Rogers “I Can’t Get Over You†Airplane ITA 12 – Solid Italian vocal house production with a solid, soulful male vocal worked into the disco-influenced house orchestration. On the flip is a solid reworking from DB Boulevard.

20th Finger “Better Off Alone†White BNX 12 Promo – Solid house production with an uplifting female vocal over a classic house-influenced instrumental line. Very catchy track that would fit well within the Defected realm of releases. Includes both full vocal and dub versions, and a limited test pressing to boot.

Kristine W “The Wonder Of It All†Tommy Boy USA 12 Part 2 – Second set of remixes on this new single from the veteran vocalists sees two very different interpretations as Trendroid go for the dark progressive-tribal fusion interpretation with elements of the vocal worked into the production while Ivan Xsentrix gives Kristine the Benassi-styled makeover with techy synth lines and aggressive rhythm patterns, with both full vocal and dub versions provided.

Trance & Progressive

Dynamic & Landen “Nasty Trick†MD GER 12 – Dark, driving progressive production with deep, growling male vocal hooks, haunting synth swells and steay crowd moving rhythm lines. Three mixes included.

4 Strings “Come Closer†Alphabet City GER 12 – Hanting new vocal trance production from 4 Strings featuring a smooth female vocal over an intricately composed orchestration. On the flip is a tougher, more energetic reworking from 4 Clubbers.

Infusion “Better World†Polar ENG 12 Part 1 and Part 2 – massive new single from Infusion with part one featuring the solid original mix and a chunky tech house reworking from the veteran producer Josh Wink, while disc two features a breakbeat interpretation by Adam Freeland and a B-side track.

Morel “If You Love Me†Yoshitoshi USA 2x12 – A haunting male vocal paired with a seductive, floating progressive house production on the latest release from the Yoshitoshi label. Release features an amazing remix and dub from Dean Coleman who thickens the synthwork in the production, and a dubbier reworking from Samio and MRN mixes.

Odessi f/Maria Naylor “Over Again†Primal ENG 12 – haunting melodic progressive cut featuring a stunning vocal from Ms Naylor. On the flip is a funkier house reworking from Cicada.

Rank 1 “[email protected]†ID&T BNX 12 – Latest production fron the veteran Dutch trance masters features as they move in a darker, techier direction with this latest composition. On the flip, “After Me†is a breakbeat-tinged vocal production.

Mike Shiver & Elevation “Hurricane†Captured ENG 12 – Stunning UK vocal trancer with a haunting female vocal worked into intricately composed melodic orchestrations and dramatic breakdowns. Two mixes.

System F “Ignition, Sequence, Start†Tsunami BNX 12 – Ferry Corsten in his System F moniker with a stunning instrumental trancer in the classic Dutch style. Remix comes from Solid Globe in a deeper style.

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