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Mj Help..getting Frustrated


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i bought a vaporizer yesterday, and it came with some cheesy ass matrix spoof video that tells you how to use it. Its top medicinal grade..cost a few hundred bucks..so i know its not the vaporizer..its how im using it. I CANT GET IT TO WORK. I felt a tinyyyyyyyy tinyyyyyyyyyyy almost non existant buzz. And i know im doing something wrong, because even the video said..it will take about 1 week to get used to it and know whats the right temperature to set it at etc etc. there are like 10000 factors on why its not working..this thing needs alot of prepping and you gotta do it alll right. If anyone has ever used the vapir air-2 vaporizer, please help me out..i dont feel like expermenting for a week b4 i can get high..i wanna blaze 2nighttttttttttttt...

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