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Thief Alert!! Reyes & Corbo vs. Oldenkamp??!?


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Hello guys and gals…

It’s the Christmas season again! A time for holiday cheer and the spirit of giving… but in this case it seems as if being generous has completely bitten us in the rears. Just a day or so ago, one of my colleagues happened to find out that a MP3 copy of our unreleased material has been leaked to P2P download sites (nothing new I guess). But what’s worse, there’s a person online who is trying to lay claim to the work.

The original track is called “We Started Dancingâ€, an upcoming Midnight Society single that was originally created by Erik Reyes & longtime friend Rick Corbo featuring vocals by Barbara L. Good, the woman who did the voiceovers for our remix to “Release Me†by Industry earlier this year. However, there is a person going by the name of DJ Oldenkamp that has decided to steal the track, rename it as one of his (or her) own under the alias “DJ Oldenkamp feat. Barbara L†and pass it around the internet as if they created it. Not only have this individual illegally downloaded the song, this individual is now going to the level of plagiarism by claiming that he (or she) created it. We didn‘t expect this record to be leaked on the internet in the first place, but what’s done is done and we can’t fix that. However, to blatantly plagiarize other people’s work and claim it for their own is definitely the lowest of the low.

We are making this statement to let everyone know that this person who going under the name DJ Oldenkamp is a thief with an obvious lack of talent, who finds it necessary to not only steal music but to claim that he (or she) actually did the hard work of producing the music that he (or she) steals and then passes it around as if is their own. This is an official warning to any DJ, record label or ANYONE who decides to advertise or chart this record for we will go after this person and any DJ or record label that supports this obvious theft. We hope that people heed to this warning and stay clear of this supposed producer and this track.

Does this mean that Midnight Society is going to stop making music? Of course not… we will continue to make the music we love. However, with this alarming news along with the recent leak of the singles "How Do I Look" and "Star 2004", it does mean that we’re going to rethink how we promote and distribute our music to the world and how we will continue to do our business. We all know that the dance music industry is a shady one… however, if everyone would just think for a second we could save it. Do what you have to do in order to survive, but support all those you base your careers from. Without the producers making the music, there wouldn’t be a record for a DJ to exploit. We both need each other equally so think about that the next time you’re on a P2P site downloading music that you have no intention on paying for. For one day, the downloads might cease because there won’t be anymore music for them to leech onto… and then where will we be?

In closing, we would like to thank all those that have supported our music and hope that you will continue to do so as we move forward. Thanks!

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