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MOSTIKO records presents sign up for free DJ download promos every week!


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MOSTIKO records / CNR records

Do you want to receive all our latest promos and mixes for FREE on a weekly basis by receiving a link to download it?

Please sign up @ david@mostiko.be

And fill in this little form

DJ name





Email Address

Web Address

Short bio (where you prove to be a working club/radio DJ resident with the necessary links and/or flyers)


You will receive a link and password every week where you will be able to download all available mixes! We feel that digital downloads are the future to promote our music worldwide and see this as a big promotional opportunity for our artists where YOU can also benefit from! The only thing we ask in return is to fill in the reaction sheets on a weekly basis! Please also forward this mail to other possible DJ’s willing to receive our latest promos!

Just to give you an idea about our range of artists:

We have had hits and club smashes with

Junkie XL/Filterheadz/Minimalistix/Kira/Decoy&Roy/Moloko/Orion Too/Leki/Liberty/DJ Gert/DJ Yoeri/Kaye Styles/Jessy and so many more

We cover almost every style

Trance/progressive/commercial dance/groove/R’N’B/Urban/Hard Dance/Pop/Elektro…

More info check out http://www.mostiko.com

so if you wanna get hot exclusives long before other DJ's this is your chance email david@mostiko.be ASAP

Please add MOSTIKO Dj Download list application in subject line when sending the mail!

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