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12/16: Revival of the Fittest - KNEE DEEP @ Bar Nun | NO COVER!


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Thanks to everyone who came out to support us last week! Although the weather was teh suck - lot of you braved the rain and came out! For those of you who don't know, Freddy (Double o7) and I ended our 3 year residency at the Blue Room back in August. Since then, things just haven't been the same for us and possibly for some of you. It's been really nice having our Thursday nights off, however, we have missed seeing you guys on a regular basis. Therefore, we have started a regular Thursday night revival of KNEE DEEP!

We have found an amazing venue on U St. at a place called Bar Nunn. The room is BEAUTIFUL - imagine a very posh version of Club RED. The sound system is SICK! I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I scoped out the venue. You have to experience it for yourself because I can't do it justice via e-mail. Anyway, Freddy and I would LOVE your support this week as we kick start this new night. If things continue to go well, it will be a new Thursday night home for all of us once again. Hope to see you there!

REVIVAL of the FITTEST @ Bar Nun

1326 U St. St NW

Washington DC

21 +


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