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***BENNETT - Digital Junk 2.0***


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hi all -

This mix was originally supposed to be a guest spot on RichWoods.com, however, at the last minute, he decided that he did not want the mix to air. :jerkoff:

theeeeeerefore, some friends of mine were kind enough to provided a nice cyber-home for this mix, and now, I share it with all of you..... :)

please enjoy!

Bennett - Digital Junk 2.0


(or, right click and SAVE to download)

1. Kalel (Oxygen Red Remix)

2. Unknown – Unknown

3. Penguin Pool – Chemi-Cool

4. Alexi Delano – If You Dig It (Sofa King edit)

5. Mylo – Paris 400

6. Mylo – Drop the Pressure (Erol Alkins Remix) [intro]

7. Herbie Hancock – Rock It (Bennett’s “What The F*@$†edit)

8. Mylo – Drop the Pressure (Erol Alkins Remix) [outro]

9. Die Kultusminster – Bewegen Sei Sich (Patrick Buck Remix)

10. Snap – I’ve Got the Power (Eric Prydz Remix)

11. Sebastian Legar – Further That Star

12. Disposable Heroes - Houdini

13. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Bennett’s Dub-Dub edit)

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