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Reversible Thursdays @ Vertigo & Reversible Proton Radio Show!


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This is a huge week for our label 'Reversible Records' as we bring you round two of our monthly at Vertigo and kick off the premier of our Proton Radio show this Saturday!


This Thursday March 3rd at Vertigo the members of Reversible Records, Eli Wilkie, Fernando Bairos and Chris Reavey, lay down a 4 hour set of funky driving house/techno/electro to kick off that early start to the weekend. Upstairs this Thursday, Peter Ellis presents Analog Lounge with special guests. www.analogloungeboston.com

This Saturday March 5th 6PM-9PM EST, Proton Radio Presents 'Reversible'! Reversible is a new show brought to you by the three members of Reversible Records; Eli Wilkie, Fernando Bairos and Chris Reavey. This show brings to you mixes from these members as well as monthly guests that are involved with the label or some of our close friends. You will hear a variety of funky driving house beats that include almost every category in the 4/4 range. Our guest for our first show is none other than Steve Porter. Amidst the middle of a US tour, and soon to embark on a world tour for his newly released album "Homegrown", we are very proud to bring you a live mix from this Reversible Records artist and very close friend. This mix, 'Kangaroo Soup', is an exclusive which has yet to be aired. This set was recorded live in Melbourne, Australia spring 2004. Followed by this mix, will be two recent studio mixes from Chris Reavey & Eli Wilkie. Tune in and get Reversed! http://www.protonradio.com/show.php?showid=168 6PM-9PM EST

For more info and RSVP, please e-mail: reversiblerecords@hotmail.com

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