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20mg 2C-T-4 - Trip Report


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First off, this stuff lasts a LONG time. I knew it would be a slow trip up and long time at the top, so I started early Friday afternoon. I dosed as 5:30pm and watched a few things on TV/DVD as I started to come up. About 3 hours in, I felt like I was as far up as I was going to get. 3.5 to 4 hours in, my wife went with me to the bedroom to settle down and talk a little bit. Up to that point, there wasn't anything really outstanding about the experience. It felt like pretty much any of the other 2Cs with the possible exception that it was fairly easy on the body and mind.

Once we got talking, something came up about computers at my wife's office. I saw a mainframe in her office which morphed into a set of pistons, gears and a driveshaft (i.e. the computer is the mechanical backbone of her company). Within a few seconds, that vision had changed into a very streamlined object, like a motorcycle or possibly a very fast boat, flying through a fluid. Seconds later it had taken the shape of an airplane. The view of the plane though, was not 3rd person, but rather as if I was looking through a camcorder mounted on the wing looking back toward the back of the plane. The image was turbulent and jittery as if the camera was not fastened down well and the wind was tossing it slightly to and fro. I could see the ground below for a few seconds before it changed yet again into a sailboat. The view was similar to the one from the plane, but rather than the camcorder being mounted on the wing it was mounted on one of the booms looking back. The view of the ground changed into a view of fast moving water. The whole sequence took probably less than a minute, but it was a fabulous dream-like sequence of visions.

My wife was talking about goings on in her office and with the lights off and both of us snuggled under the blanket my mind had a clean slate onto which it could project whatever it wanted. With her talking about her office I felt as though I was in her office. It wasn't until I looked around that I realized I wasn't. I felt like there were cubicles and flourescent lights and all the other officey-type things.

The general feel of the experience was very relaxing and peaceful. It was very nice laying down and doing nothing but talking or cuddling. It's a very chill experience, but decidedly different than X. There's no uncontrolled gushing of emotion. Thoughts and emotions were very clear; they were just enhanced. Vision and coordination, however, were not. Typing was pretty difficult. I tried to type a few messages here, but it took so long to type out just a few words that I gave up and did other things.

We went to take a shower and the trip was definately different in harsh environments. I went from very warm and snuggly to the shower where water crashes down around you and the light was very annoying. We stood in there and talked for a while when I realized it felt like we had been in there forever. My wife assured me we had only been there 15 mins or so. Whatever the case, I was glad to get out of the shower and back in bed.

Once back in bed we talked some more and I let the visions and feelings carry me wherever they wanted to go. Eventually my wife went to sleep and I listened to music. At first I thought there was nothing special about music, but as I listened longer I felt relaxed and almost sleepy. I'm still not sure if I actually slept all night or if I was in a psychedelic dream state for several hours. Whatever the case, the music induced a fantastic dreamy state of mind that allowed me to rest for the rest of the night.

We got up the next morning around 7am and I was still physically "on", though the psychedelic aspect had diminished somewhat. The body buzz continued, but my vision and coordination had mostly returned. I was able to read and type fairly well as needed. I spent the rest of the day in a mostly on state, though it slowly diminished as the day dragged on. I went to bed about 28 hours after first ingestion still feeling not-completely down. However, by morning I felt normal.

My overall feeling is that this is a really good drug, but the duration is a serious drawback. I plan on trying it again sometime, but using less than 20mg to see if it backs off the duration without signifigantly impacting the effects. I'd probably try 6-10mg. I think the evening's events fit well with the experience. It was good to chill and talk and stay warm without doing much else. I mention staying warm because I don't think I was ever really warm through the entire trip. I was cold just about the entire time. The relaxation was almost narcotic, so I would very likely not take this to a club or other large social event.

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I have to add that for the last 3 nights my dreams have been extraordinarily vivid and memorable. I have woken up every morning thinking I was in a completely different situation and quite upset. I can only conclude that this is a direct result of my weekend trip.

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I think Foxy would be good for a small house party, but I don't think I would have a lot of fun in a large social event or club atmosphere. 2C-I would be very fun in a club, I think. TMA-2 would be fantastic at a concert or in a dance club. With a sober trip sitter, 2c-t-7 could really be a crazy experience in a club.

If I had to pick, I would go with 2C-I, TMA-2 or a combination of the two. However, I have not yet tried my 2C-B, which is supposed to be better than 2C-I.

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