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Wednesday | May.11.2000FIVE

M3 and Upfront Industries present:


Rinse Magazine, District Soul and DCDNB sponsored event

D-BRIDGE [ Exit | BC Recordings ] - UK **DEBUT SOLO TOUR**


D-Bridge AKA Darren White's first introduction into the music scene was in 1992, when he formed 'Sewage Monsters' with his older brother (signed to MCA and Island Records as 'Steve Spacek'). It was during this period that Daniel Stein AKA Fresh was beginning his apprenticeship in the camp, and similar ideas were leading to collaborations with the pair, the first and last of which to be released on Hardware was The Code and Fugitive before differences with management led all three leaving Hardware for new beginnings. It was here that Fresh introduced Darren and Jason to Michael Wojcicki AKA Vegas and Bad Company UK began in earnest.

2003 has seen many major changes within BC camp and more notably in D-Bridge's musical direction. Whilst the most recent album Shot Down on Safari was in production Darren was also busy at work co-producing Spacek's second album 'Vintage High-tech' on high-profile label !K7. D-Bridge's contribution to this album spawned a new direction for him and led to the founding, alongside his brother and Spacek co-member Morgan Zarate of The Istickz, a self-described 'futuristic/simplistic' soul group consisting of 5 Producers, 3 DJs, 2 Vocalists and several MPC2000's and laptops.

The latest venture in D-Bridge's (now somewhat eclectic) career is the fruition of a lifetime goal in the form of drum & bass label Exit Records. Exit came about as a result of Darren’s desire to be able to express his own individual qualities as a producer, rather than being a contributor to a greater whole. Embarking on a solo effort seems like a natural progression for Darren, who through the success of Bad Company UK, Spacek and more recently with Istickz has managed to create a diverse and inspirational release catalogue of enviable proportions. With a history as varied and colourful as this, who knows what to expect next from D-Bridge?

VERSE [ Crunch | Renegade Hardware ] - UK **DEBUT USA TOUR**


Verse joins a select crop of owners, an MC with a label as he works towards the first Crunch release. In between touring and travelling, Verse has found sufficient studio time to write alongside DKay, BCUK, Keaton, Bad Company and join the Fifth Element crew deep with Loxy & Ink. Postponed due to distribution issues that collective are far from buried we’re assured. Verse releases have rounded out across Renegade Hardware and Outbreak; he duly returns to productions for his personal ends, Crunch Recs. The format for Crunch is to be rigid; one side collaborative effort, one side solo chunky, musical Verse beats. 'Off The Rails / Azure' drops late in January and work is already underway to finalise Keaton's appearance, 'White Crow b/w Journeys Through Haze' ['Sort of a weed tune'] for end of February and a D-Bridge performance, 'Burning Edge' to follow that.

RANSOM [ Threshold | DCDNB.org ]

One of the strongest names in the Washington, DC drum'n'bass scene, Ransom has been involved locally since the mid-90s, playing the DC/Baltimore club/rave circuit since the spring of 1998. If you haven’t heard Ransom’s skills on the decks yet, it’s time, the career he has forthcoming won’t be anything less than huge. His drum and bass is a force that is proving unstoppable.

GODFATHER SAGE [ Mind Control | EXBC ]

Godfather Sage is a multi-faceted DJ/producer based in the Balt/Wash area of the US. Upon forming a drum & bass collective called The Mind Control Crew in 2001 with AB Logic, Sickboy, Axiom and Born Infinite, Godfather Sage went on to make a name for himself as one of the DJ's at the forefront of the local drum & bass scene. His mixing style is aggressive and engaging, taking the listener through a variety of sounds and influences while maintaining a strong sense of soul and depth throughout.

BOBBY JAE [ Upfront | Five ]

Mastering the sultry, sexy sounds of DC drum and bass, Bobby Jae never fails with his impeccable mixing and top-notch selection. With collaborations in the studio and a new CD in the works, Bobby is taking soulful drum and bass to a level of its own. If you haven’t already, make sure to get your copy of Perpetual Motion tonight which was 1 of 7 mixes recognized in URB magazine’s Mix-It Best.

Rooftop Patio: KRUNK!!


[ Mantis | DaveNada.com | DJRagz.net | Tittsworth.com ]

Dubbed "the return of the underground hip-hop party" by The Washington Post, Krunk's move to three-story Singapore DC (1134 19th St NW) has been very warmly received. Dedicated to the unforgettable hip-hop hits, golden era gems and cutting edge contemporary, Krunk serves a relaxing party-friendly alternative to the stuffy "rotation friendly" superclubs DC is sometimes known for. Krunk runs every FRIDAY but proudly takes over the rooftop for a summery week night treat! www.tittsworth.com for additional information, pics and more.

Promotional giveaways ALL night. Arrive early for:

Promo T-Shirts, CDs, Test Pressings, Posters, and MORE!!



21 & over

9pm - 3am


No Dress Code







1214 B 18th St NW

Washington DC 20036


Interested in helping with promotions?

EMAIL: [email protected]

Interested in playing at this event?




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Guest godd3ss

If I didn't have to work, I would've so been there last night. HOW WAS IT???

I <3 Dogs on the Moon --great track!

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