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June.02.2005-Top Cat&Tenor Fly,Martyn,Deinfamous,Winterman,KRUNK @ F.U.R.DC!!

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June.02.2005-Top Cat&Tenor Fly,Martyn,Deinfamous,Winterman,KRUNK @ F.U.R.DC!!

Ok, new thread with the full details... Lemme know if I left anything out...

We're throwing a party @ club FUR on June 2nd, 2005

Top Cat & Tenor Fly

Congo Natty.London.UK


Red Zone.Play Musik.Rotterdam.Holland





KRUNK in room #2!


Cam One

Dave Nada

Dj Ragz



Here are the details we can release thus far.

Thursday June 02.2005


18+ to enter

21+ to drink

Casual Dress Code

Drum&Bass on the main floor

KRUNK in Room #2

It will be held @ The very lux. Club F.U.R. [ http://www.furnightclub.com ]

The price will be reasonable

Plenty of free on street parking

Worth making road trips to

100,000 watts of body moving bass

State of the art visuals & DVD DJ

More details will be posted soon


Here are some [lo-fi] clips of Top Cat & Tenor in the studio for those who don't already know.... Massive tunes!!!!


Double99 Feat. Top Cat - Ripgroove



Congo Natty Feat. Top Cat - Champion DJ


pulled this one from a mix on winternett.com....


Freestylers Feat. Tenor Fly - B-Boy Stance [Grooverider Rmx]


But if you don't recognize them, you can escape "newbile status" by pretending like you did!!!

Top Cat has one of the most unique MC styles ever, known for his years of work with Congo Natty for one of the biggest D&B anthems ever

[Champion DJ, Bunn Di Sensi] and many more killer tunes. Also known for his anthems in House music, and on the massive Garage anthem

[ripgroove] with double 99 and RIP. Highly charged on stage and full of wicked verses and energy, undeniable vybes and dubplates are in

store as the night goes on.

Tenor Fly is pure energy, through his massive list of foundation projects with Congo Natty, he has worked with the Freestylers on the

massive track [b-Boy Stance]. A unique voice which you'll recognize immediately. Get ready for the massive dubplates Tenor will bring to

DC in this rare US performance. This is not a tour, you won't see this anywhere near to here except at CLub FUR on June 2nd!

A truly unique and rare experience is coming together.

Martyn, formerly known as DJ PAN brings some deep, original, and dark dubplates out of Holland. Not only tunes from top notch producers

out of other continents and the US, Martyn brings his own productions with bass lines that make your subs pulse. A special exclusive track

is in the works for tonight as well! After tonight you'll know why DJ Flight, Fabio, Digital, and so many other dons of D&B love and play

his tunes in regular rotation.

Deinfamous will be holding it down on the deep and dark side as well. A night of all kinds of D&B styles is what we're all about. 'D'

[pronounced as 'De'] holds tight with dubplates in all styles of Drum&Bass and that deep dark tech and mashup we all like so much. If you

miss this night, your friends will make fun of you for it for the rest of your life.

Also, of course, Winterman will be providing a set that goes all around the board in Drunken Kung-Fu style. Representing DC and Jamaica,

youll hear a unique mix of dancefloor smashers and rare grooves in this set. From Heavy Melodic Mashup to Deep dark amen tracks, and an

exclusive tune premiere, its gonna be a charged night of good D&B and Krunk galore. Check out the new mix


KRUNK will be in our second room overlooking the main dance floor! Residents Tittsworth, Cam One. Dave Nada. and Ragz are gonna work it

out with unique cuts in Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Booty House! Stay tuned for the "Girl You Know Its...Girl You Know Its...Girl You Know Its...

Titts" Remix, and the Eastern Motors masher. monster tunes on a deep and massive sound system in room 2, sound shielded, yet full of

ambience and culture, you'll love chilling in this room full of plush leather seating, a full bar, and a great crowd.

Foundation and the new school will be represented proper every time.....

On the massive video screens, you will see the latest technology in DVD DJing from Pioneer, massive and carefully picked videos will be

played from Anime to Sci-Fi and short films from wicked local video producers. [send your submissions to us beforehand! contact us at

'[email protected]'] If your submission is picked, you'll receive free entry for the night! The video projections will be accompanied

by the latest and greatest in light shows showcasing state of the art visuals that add to the mood and help you get your mack on with the

honeys [sorry they don't hide pimples tho]

And did I mention that the 100,000 watt EAW sound system will be massive all night long? With over 26 subs on the main floor alone, its

all about 'Mr. Body Massage http://media.ebaumsworld.com/gijoebodymassage.mov'! I have been told that when you turn it past #6

or things get out of hand.... No need for earplugs tho, the system will be manned by highly trained and experienced Club FUR audio

engineers and tuned to perfection for drum & bass by members of Winternett Group Recordings.

The best way to keep in tune with details of this party is to start at:


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A brand new dubplate by Shy FX featuring the trademark vocals of Top Cat [Everyday] aired on Bailey's show Intabeats this last week! Check out the tracklist and links below, then get ready for Top Cat's first ever DC, and ultra-rare [non tour] appearance at Ziion Thursday after next @ Club FUR! He is bringing a rack of wicked dubplates and of course the original tunes that set the trend for most of the Reggae side of D&B since they came out like Champion DJ, Ruffest Gunark, and Ripgroove [on the garage side]! Make sure you check out the info at "http://www.ziiondc.com" ! Ez!...>Moe

This Friday [5.27.05] @ KRUNK! Not only will you get a wicked experience in Hip-Hop madness with Educated Consumers, Krunk Residents, and Mik Skillz [Happy B-Day Bro!], You will also be able to catch reduced cost entry tickets for Ziion happening on Thursday, June 02 [next week]! The tickets will ensure you entry to the party at any time of night for only 10$! Only 100 of these cards will be given out [first come first served] so make sure you show up early and either look for me [Moe Brodie] or Jesse Tittsworth [KRUNK founder and Honorable Host] to get them!!! Don't sleep! you know you're gonna want to party!



The Young Disciples - All I Have - Bootie - (Dub)

Shy FX & T Power - Plastic Soul - (Sound Boy Dub)

Jaquan - Pathfinder - (Viper Dub)

Breakage & Jubei - Harvester - (Dub)

D Kay & Kasra - Babylon - (Brigand)

Artificial Intelligence - The Big Picture - (Dub)

Unknown Artist - The Almighty - (Chronic Dub)

Jamal - Rockers 2 Rockers VIP - (Dub)

On The 1xtra Phone - Mickey Finn

Calibre & Zero Tolerance - Lion Dub - ( Liquid V)


Shy Fx ft Top Cat - Everyday - (Dub)


RoughCut - Shadow Locked - (Dub)

Neil Mac Vs AMC - Echo Chamber - (Pandemic Dub)

The Shipping News

T Power - Delta - (Liquid V)

Holdtight - Mr Brown - (Advanced)

Distorted Minds ft MC Foxy - Revolution - (TC Remix) - (D Style)


The Intabeats - The Nocturnal Mix

A Sides - Don't Intimidate - (Eastside Dub)

Stealth & Stylus - No Way Out - (Intasound Dub)

Jay Jay & Mark C - Future Music - (Dub)

Source Direct - Snake Style (Tee Bee Rmx) - (Dub)

Delta - Mind Game - (Quarantine Dub)

Digital - Scam - (Metalheadz)

Break - Zed Groove - ( Quarantine Dub)

Blame - Land Speed - (Metalheadz Dub)

Goldie - Something about You - (Metalheadz Dub)


The Predictor Track

Roni Size ft Jocelyn Brown - Sing (Craggz & Parallel Forces Rmx) - (Liquid V)

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Ziion Is Tomorrow!!..06.02.05-->D&B|Hip-Hop|Reggae|Jungle|100k


The culmination of over a year's work... The drive that pushes us beyond our

normal limits. This is what we live for. Drum&Bass has all kind of emotions

inside of it;

The Hard&Darkside [Deinfamous] - Heavily cinematic and crunching, a pulse

that ignites your soul with drums that give you dancefloor energy beyond

levels found in any other music form. Then silence, from the breakdown, the

crowd rests, only to be smashed by the massive sounds that De provides.

The Deep/Subwoofer Side [Martyn] - Visual breaks change your way of thinking

about beats, you suddenly break out of your two step knowledge and download

new patterns of rhythm that expand your mind as you listen, they are also

complemented along the way by basslines not heard anywhere else.

Original Ragga/Dancehall Vybes [Top Cat&Tenor] - All of a sudden, you hear

words, its the powerful duo of Cat & Tenor emerging with DJ Norris Peck to

rip through the night with hard sounds that mash up the place. Pure energy

is thrown from the stage with positive vybes to ignite the dancefloor at

this critical moment. As the set proceeds, a range of emotions come over you

and you realize that this night was planned to progress this way. You settle

into it like it was a plush silken chair and enjoy the ride.

Prepare for ZIION, this experience IS tomorrow night!

Details can be found here:


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