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Nightlife in Hell: College Station, TX

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-By Cody Dolan

You don’t feel them at first, not right as you walk in the door.

It’s not until you’ve paid $6.50 for your pitcher of Miller Lite, weaved your way through the mixed crowd of older hard drinkers and college age bar hoppers, and sat down on a hard wooden chair that you’re aware of the eyes staring at you.

Once your beer is poured into its plastic cup and you’ve sat back to enjoy a night out, that’s when it hits you just how many dead animals they’ve got hanging on the walls at Fitzwilly’s, a popular bar that for years has served as the unofficial western border of College Station, Texas’ Northgate. This strip of bars and bookstores has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing down, so it’s there I went to judge just how crappy the nightlife is in a typical small town.

Read the whole story in the Daily Planet.

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