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W.T.F boston?

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All right Boston, I feel we need to talk..... I feel like were in a relationship and like any good relationship we should talk out our problems. But first I will now smack you in the mouth ( THWACK )!!!! What happened last night? We had some of the best music I ever heard come out of this city. Where were you? Were you seeing other DJ's? Were you home playing X-box thinking, " I wish somebody loved me." Well, I'm sick and tired of your feeble excuses on why you don't come out and support the electronic music scene, what, you don't like electronic music? Is your mind so closed that you can't try something new? I'm trying Boston, I'm trying real hard to give you the benefit of a doubt. All these colleges around here, I know you're a smart city, prove it. I was at Club Europa last night where DJ's Justin Carr and Wilder were blowing the f-ing roof off ( sorry to use such harsh letters ), and only a handfull of people were there. Boston, I love you, but this has to stop. When two DJ's of this calliber come out for YOUR listening pleasure you have to come support. It's been a long, long time since I had this much fun out at a club. The people there were friendly and the drink's were cheap AND, the DJ's came up and introduced themselves so they could thank me for my being there. C'mon Boston, where else can you find good energy, good people and good drinks? All i'm saying Boston is, you deserve better than the same old club, the same old people, the same old scene. GO OUT BOSTON!!!! I will be going back next week and will be ENJOYING my night out, will you come with me Boston? Will you give the scene another chance? This relationship cannot be all me, I need my other half to work as hard as I do at this, trust me, it's worth it.

Much love and respect Boston.

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Wow. Pros, go easy man. Heh. You're heart is definitely in the right place. I'm sure people are feeling you but did you have to go and smack em all in the mouth? :rofl:

It was a good time for sure but these things take time...one week at a time. I hear ya though. We had some good people down there though. Thanks for the praise man. People will get down there. It's just difficult during the summer, mid-week and starting a night from zero at a venue that people are not used to attending. The funny thing is that women outnumbered the guys like 3:1 for a while.

It's always still a great time and a fun crowd, even though the crowd is small for now. That's just how the business goes. Come September, we'll get people down there to enjoy the night with the rest of us.

But seriously, that was a great post. Hilarious, bro!

disclaimer: I had nothing to with this. :laugh:

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