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Attention Needed!!!

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This is a rather sudden and uncommon plea, but every tiny bit of help really does make a difference.

Please consider this and feel free to explore the site.

Become active, and support this cause.


Mp3.- :smoke:


We urgently need your donation to run a print ad that will generate massive

public pressure on key members of Congress whose votes could literally save the

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling and certain destruction.

Please view the ad and donate:


Let me tell you why this new ad and your support for it are so absolutely vital.

When Congress casts its final vote on the Arctic Refuge next month, the outcome

will be decided by a handful of moderate Republican Congressmen, mostly from

the Northeast and Midwest. They will be under intense White House pressure to

toe the party line and sacrifice America's greatest wildlife refuge to oil

development and destruction.

But those Congressmen represent districts that solidly OPPOSE oil drilling in

the Arctic Refuge. Believe me, if they feel overwhelming pressure from their

constituents back home, they CAN be swayed to defy their party and vote to

defend Arctic wildlife.

The NRDC Action Fund has produced an eye-catching ad campaign that will reach

out to those millions of constituents and make sure their voice is heard loud

and clear on Capitol Hill.

All we need is your financial support to get our compelling new ad placed in

the most critical Congressional districts:


Time is short. The Bush Administration is working hard to create a sense of

inevitability about the fate of the Arctic Refuge. The White House is

desperately hoping that voters in moderate Republican districts remain in the

dark about next month's decisive vote.

With your help, we're going to arm those voters with the truth: the opening

legislative attack on the Arctic Refuge back in April passed the 435-member

House by only THREE votes.

Victory for Arctic wildlife is within reach if voters in a handful of decisive

districts are heard from right now!

Help the NRDC Action Fund sound the alarm in those districts over the next two

weeks -- while their members of Congress are home for recess and most sensitive

to voter opinion.

When Congress votes next month, the future of the Arctic Refuge will be in its

hands. But right now, it is in ours. Please make an online donation right now

that could save America's greatest sanctuary for Arctic wildlife:



John H. Adams

NRDC Action Fund

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