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Meiotic Three Year Anniversary @ Sound-Bar Fri. 8/26

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AESOMA: The Meiotic Three Year Anniversary.

To commemorate the 3 year anniversary of the first Meiotic event back in the summer of 2002, Meiotic has teamed up with PURE, KONCEPT and Sound-Bar to present AESOMA: the Meiotic Three Year Anniversary. A celebration of musical artistry, AESOMA will feature a selection of some of the electronic music world's most iconic figures at one of Chicago's premier nightclub venues, the incomparable SOUND-BAR.

The MEIOTIC group was born out of an idea hatched in the Winter of 2001 by a small collective of music enthusiasts seeking to provide an elevated platform of exposition in the City of Chicago for artists truly pushing the creative envelope of electronic music. Since then, their features have brought to light players (i.e. live pa's, dj's, etc.) of the unconventional and abstract, excelling in both listening and dancefloor contexts without regard for fashionable trends or media dictated boundaries in music.

$20 General Admission

$10 in Advance

FREE before 11pm with .

Sound-Bar Members FREE for you and a guest before 11pm, $10 thereafter


AKUFEN / Montreal / Fabric|Perlon|Background|MusiqueRisquee (Chicago Debut performance)

Montreal-based Marc LeClair is AKUFEN, whose productions incorporating his signature "microsampling" process are well renowned in music circles worldwide and regarded as defining records for the entire "Microhouse" genre. His 2002 tour de force "My Way" (Force Inc), using technology to produce an immense array of cut up sounds, bringing to fruition textures ranging from the deep & dubby, to the playful & jack-inducing. Akufen's musical exploits have put him in the top tier of electronic music makers worldwide, further cemented with barnstorming performances at Mutek Chile, SONAR, and DEMF/FUSE-IN, as well as with his participation in techno supergroup NAROD NIKI (founded by Ricardo Villalobos, and featuring Ritchie Hawtin, Dimbiman, Monolake, Akufen, Dandy Jack, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, Luciano and Villalobos) at Montreal's 2003 Mutek Festival. We are honored to welcome Mr. LeClair as a guest at our Anniversary party in this, his first ever Chicago performance.

JOHN TEJADA / Los Angeles / Palette|PlugResearch

Known for crafting a brand of subtle, musical techno, JOHN TEJADA'S recordings fall across tempo and genre lines, from chilled out affairs with spacious arrangements, to pulsating, densely layered, deeply energetic tracks that work magnificently in the hands of DJs as well as on the home stereo. Normally associated with his peers from Detroit and Germany, John's releases for the likes of A13, deFocus, Multiplex, Playhouse, Plug Research, Moods & Grooves, and his very own Palette Recordings, have transcended the easy limitations of genre and style. His varied yet consistently excellent output have assured him a proper spot amongst electronic music's most highly regarded, and we are very much honored to have him for his return to Chicago.

SV4 aka SAM VALENTI / Ann Arbor / Ghostly|Spectral


TODD OSBORNE / Detroit / Ghostly|Spectral|Omeko|Rephlex

With all the accolades given them in the past year, in the end, it's still the music that has Ann Arbor's GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL juggernaut firmly established as one the most exciting independent record labels in the world. With arguably the deepest talent pool (Matthew Dear, Tadd Mullinix, KMC, Lusine, etc) of any indie label in North America, they continue to gem after musical gem. Under the guidance of labelhead/owner/mastermind, SAM VALENTI (aka SV4), the label's fusing of strong visual presence with the ambitious (yet impressive) musical artistry of their roster has enthusiasts around the world rightly identifying with Ghostly's musical distinction and grassroots-DIY aesthetic. SV4 graciously takes to the decks for us here on our anniversary night in a monstrous tag team collab with dextrous Ghostly virtuoso TODD OSBORNE (Afrika/Bout Ready to Jak/Daylight), in a performance that will undoubtedly go down as an unforgettable, to say the least.


Meioticsoundsystemdjs / meioticpromotions.com


Mark Centennial / www.TheHED.Com


SAM VALENTI / Ann Arbor / Ghostly|Spectral


TODD OSBORNE / Detroit / Ghostly|Spectral|Omeko|Rephlex

Shaka 23 / www.shaka23.com


Email [email protected] by 5pm on Friday or rsvp @ www.sound-bar.com

sound-bar • sound-bar.com

226 W. Ontario

Chicago, IL 60610

(312) 787-4480

9 PM - 4 AM









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