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Mayweather @ 147:


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Sloppiest fight Ive ever seen Mayweather in. WTF was up with all that headhunting shit... wild punches... looked like a bar fight @ some points~?!?

Hes def slower @ 147 too... hes is going/went up in weight way too fast. Granted none of Sharmbas punches hurt Mayweather but he did land a few good ones... and they were haymakers... Ive never seen Mayweather get hit with punches like that. They were his fault too for tying to land these huge bombs and leaving himself open for a big shot.

He should go back down to 140... theres way better fights for him @ that weight anyways. He should beat hatton down there atleast before trying to own this division.

Oh and there was no need for the ref to stop the fight BTW... that was rediculous. Granted Sharmba was getting beat on but he still took that knee HIMSELF and got up @ 8... almost 9. He could have gone on. It wasnt like he was taking the beating Gatti took... THAT fight should have been stopped 2 rounds earlier.

Whatever... Hopkins/Taylor in 2 weeks... sick.

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I didn't think Floyd fought badly. Expectations were high after what he did to Gatti. But it was CLEAR in round 1 that he was gonna win the fight. And maybe that meant Floyd just didn't take Mitchell or the fight seriously. How could he? I mean, Mitchell came into the fight with a huge black eye, are you kidding me? Not a great match for Floyd to have even taken, but whatever, he can't fight all big fights. Wicked bodyshot to finish Mitchell off, it was nice to see a younger boxer working the body for the once.

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