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SAT 03 DEC rizumu w. DAN BELL [philadelphia]


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<img src="http://funkshun.us/funkshun_html/images/events/2005/12_rizumu_a.gif" alt="" border="0"><br>

rizumu : saturday december 3rd : by funkshun<br>

<a href="http://funkshun.us" target="_blank">http://funkshun.us</a><br>


daniel bell, spinoza, full circle, owen from ireland<br>


LAVAZONE : <a href="http://lavazone.org/" target="_blank">http://lavazone.org/</a><br>

MAP : <a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=4134+lancaster+ave,+philadelphia,+pa" target="_blank">http://maps.google.com/maps?q=4134+...hiladelphia,+pa</a>'&iwloc=A&hl=en<br>

LAVA is the Lancaster AVenue Autonomous space, a community center for radical media and politics.<br>

4134 Lancaster Ave<br>

Philadelphia, PA 19104<br>


10pm till late . 18 to enter . $10<br>

sound by nofrills and eye don't know . video courtesy of full circle<br>

delicious catering by cosmia, katelynn, jillface and becky<br>


DANIEL BELL aka DBX [7th City|Accelerate|Tresor:Berlin-Detroit]<br>

<a href="http://daniel-bell.com/" target="_blank">http://daniel-bell.com/</a><br>

<a href="http://inthemix.com.au/features/23336/" target="_blank">http://inthemix.com.au/features/23336/</a> : recent interview <br>

Born in Sacramento, California, Daniel Bell grew up outside of Toronto, Canada, and then moved to Detroit where he collaborated with Richie Hawtin as Cybersonik for three years on +8 Records. In 1991, he started his own label, Accelerate, on which he released his influential releases as DBX. Based on nearby Chicago "trax" records, he reduced that sound further into funky, streamlined grooves. The formula proved to be successful and helped launch a new aesthetic in techno and house music known as "minimal".<br>


With the overwhelming success of his "Losing Control" single in 1994, Daniel set up 7th City Distribution in order to assist smaller Midwest labels to get distribution in overseas markets. He also created three new labels - 7th City, Elevate and Harmonie Park. In 2000, he relocated to Berlin, Germany, and released his first mix CD, The Button-Down Mind of Daniel Bell, on Tresor Records. He since has produced a series of remixes for a diverse range of artists, includng John Tejada, Pantytec, Akufen and John Thomas. He currently has a DJ residency at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt.<br>


SPINOZA aka Bryan Kasenic [bunker:NYC]<br>

<a href="http://klever.org/thebunkernyc/" target="_blank">http://klever.org/thebunkernyc/</a><br>

Spinoza hates writing his own bio. He loves all music, and does not liked to be pinned down: playing freaked out psychedelic sounds at horizontal ambient parties makes him just as happy as moving the dancefloor to minimal party sounds. For four years, Spinoza helped DJ Olive run the Agriculture, a record label dedicated to bringing homegrown laptop dub to the masses. As a community service, he writes the Beyond Events Calendar, which you should really be subscribed to if you have any interest in electronic music events in the fine city of New York. Spinoza has thrown or helped throw alot of parties and weeklies in NYC, but has put most of his energy into making the Bunker something special (just for YOU) since January 2003.<br>


Spinoza has played lots of big clubs like Tresor (Berlin), Twilo (2nd room resident until they closed), Tunnel, and Vinyl (now Arc). He's also thrown down at big NYC parties for the Madagascar Institute, Chengwin, Soundlab, Multipolyomni (at the Kitchen), Rubulad, the Lunatarium, Topsy, SEAL (NYC Burningman Decompressions), and PS1. He's spun at way too many little parties at bars and lounges to remember, but some include: Openair, Halcyon, subTonic (Barrelled, Polar Bear Club, Radical Anxiety Termination, Phonomena), Orchard Bar (Soundlab), Luxx, Baktun, the Cooler, Filter 14 (Static), Passerby. He had a goddamn blast spinning at Burningman in Black Rock City in 2001!<br>


FULL CIRCLE [Techsupport : Philly]<br>


OWEN from ireland [Funkshun : Philly]</font></p>



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