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Mary Matalin hands Katie Couric her ass!


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If you don't wanna read it, you can go to the page and listen to Mary Matalin blow Couric right out of the water.


Matalin Kicks Butt On Today Show

December 1, 2005


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites, the Today Show today, Katie Couric talking to Mary Matalin. First question: "So what is your assessment about what Senator Kerry just said that basically the very presence of US troops is one of the driving forces of the insurgency in Iraq and an estimated timetable for troop withdrawal is something that really needs to be discussed and debated?" An estimated timetable! (Laughing.) Anyway, here's what she said.

MATALIN: It has been discussed and debated, and John Kerry was against that position before he was for it. He used to be for increasing the troop levels. Now he's for diminishing the troop levels. The notion that he or Sy Hirsch or any of these partisans would make about these generals being scared witless to tell the president or the vice president or the secretary of defense what they need is patently, patently absurd. You've heard from Casey and Abizaid and Fines and Pace. Every one of them has said they have gotten everything that they've wanted to get the job done, and they know better on the ground how to get this job done than people sitting in Washington -- and that's why two-thirds of the people, of the Iraqis and the soldiers on the ground in Iraq have confidence that they're going to succeed in this mission, versus two-thirds of the academics and journalists in this country who do not think we're going to succeed.

RUSH: By the way, Mary stumbled into something. There is a new mantra, there's a new template out there today. I've seen it in the Washington Post, maybe the New York Times, two different newspapers. I'm not sure which two. It doesn't matter; they're all liberal: "Bush finally on same page as his generals." That's the new mantra! "Bush finally on page with his generals," fulfilling their myth notion that the generals have been pleading with Bush (sobbing), "Take us out! Get us out! We can't win! It's over!" So Bush makes a speech yesterday, and the reaction is, "Nothing new; just a rehash, but Bush is now on the same page with the generals." They're not going to let go of it. They're making up news, folks, they live in an alternative reality. They're still pushing something that isn't factual and isn't true because they, too, as the Democrats, are invested in our defeat. They're liberals. They want to do anything they can to get their power back and their town back. Washington is theirs, never forget this. As Democrats and liberals, they are born entitled to power. This is an interruption they don't understand and they are blaming everybody but themselves for this, and their total occupation now is obsession with getting that power back.

Next question to Mary Matalin from Katie Couric: "The president talked about the progress being made. When it comes to training Iraqi forces, which I think everybody agrees is really a critical component, that transition of power to enable troops from this country to come home. The president said there are 120 Army and police combat battalions operating in Iraq. That's roughly 96,000 troops. But why, if that's the case, is the violence not declining? Is the very presence of US forces in Iraq fueling this insurgency?" You see, another mantra is this: that our presence is causing all this. We created the terrorists, Bush created them, just by going over there. We've made them so mad! This is quintessentially liberal, quintessentially appeaser oriented. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." They were like this with the Soviet Union, "Don't! Don't! Don't say that! Don't call them evil! Oh, no! They're going to nuke New York, oh no," and they got scared. You can't tell the truth about your enemies. No, no! That will make them mad, and by showing up and defending ourselves. That makes 'em mad; we shouldn't do this. So this mantra, "Our very presence is fueling the insurgency," here's Mary Matalin's reply.

MATALIN: I don't know how many different ways to say to Democrats how much progress has been made in just a year. There are over 212,000 Iraqis trained, and two-thirds of those battalions are working side by side with the Americans. A third of them are working by themselves. In March, there were 400, 500 tips from locals. Now there are 4,700 tips. There's human intelligence on the ground. There's progress every day being made, standing up the Iraqi armies and security forces, and there's progress made every day on the political front where in about two weeks from tomorrow they're about to have the first self-determined elections in that region. They have the first and only constitution in that region. The per capita income has doubled. It's up 30% from where it was the year before. There's progress on every single front.

RUSH: But Katie Couric, who was immune to the truth, said, "But as you know, Mary, the poll numbers are not really working in the president's favor, and before you sigh so audibly and visibly, Mary, let me ask you. I know that the latest Gallup poll shows that the president's job approval rating is at its lowest ever, it's at 37%. Why, if progress is being made, why do you think there seems to be a disconnect between what's going on in Iraq and how the American people are perceiving this war?"

MATALIN: For eight, ten months now, the Democrats have been saying, "The president lied, the president lied, the president lied," with no evidence whatsoever, no shred of information. In that same period of time, the president's credibility has dropped 20 points. Now he's fighting back. Let's look at the polls, you want to talk about polls, let's look at the polls in Iraq: 80% of the Iraqis, 80% of Iraqis who are living there feel hope for their future, feel optimistic, 67% of the soldiers in Iraq feel optimistic about our success. So there's a disconnect -- that's right -- but the people who are living there, who are waging this war, feel optimistic about the success. The people here who are bombarded with relentless demagoguery from the Democrats, and, frankly, a disproportionate view of what's going on in Iraq in the mainstream media; it's affecting the polls. That's right.

RUSH: I knew what Mary was going to say in this answer. She is very polite. Had I been there, when I got this question, had I gotten this question -- I almost wish I could go onto one of these shows and get these questions. "How do you explain the president's poll numbers being so low? How do you explain this disconnect?" I would sit there and I would say to Katie Couric: "You know something? You pose the greater threat to the future of this country than anything George Bush has ever done. Because you are nothing more than a slave to the Democratic Party. You look at these polls, and you're joyful about these polls, Ms. Couric. Why don't you admit that to me? You're happy to be able to report those polls. You want to take credit for having created and caused this. You don't realize what we face. It's because of people like you we're going to need a couple or three more 9/11s before the whole country gets on board because you're trying to make everybody believe this is a worthless cause, has no purpose, and it's only being done for Bush and Halliburton to get oil. It's irresponsible what you've done. You people in the mainstream press and your alliance with the Democratic Party is directly responsible for this disconnect and you ought to be ashamed of yourself." I would just take it to her. Boy, if it had been me, I would have just taken that right there. Of course, I did that once and that's why I've not been invited back on the show.


Read the Background Material...

(NB: Lauer Treats Kerry With All "Due" Respect; Matalin Loaded for Bear)

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