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January 21, 2006

It's been another great week at RV. We've got some updates and solid tracks for you. Enjoy!


L2 Music Delivers Again

After staying under the radar for a few weeks, L2 Music has now resurfaced to deliver hot exclusive new releases from V-Sag, dPen, Matt Rowan, Mike Brin, Dustin H, Stian Klo, Stuart McKeown, and even the man behind the label, Ingo Vogelmann. You won’t find these gems anywhere else….don’t miss out!

New Labels

For your listening pleasure, we’ve added the new labels Emotive Sounds and Kaya Records to our store.


L2 Music

Ararat (Original Mix)

Chemical Thrust (Original Mix)

High Time (Original Mix)

In my World (Original Mix)

Some Thoughts (Original Mix)

Sound Source (Original Mix)

Voluptuous Debutante (Original Mix)


Adjust Recordings

Lisopain (The Pushers Sublingual Dub Mix)

Lisopain (RiffRaff Dub Mix)

Agave Records

Digg the Stick (Original Mix)

Digg the Stick (John Lemmon's Wet Willie's Dirty Dub)

Right There (Original Mix)

Schoma (PT Remix)


Ultraviolet (Original Mix)

I’ll Kill You (Luke Chable Mix)

Phat As (Original Mix)

CPR Digital

The Bubblegum Track (Habersham Mix)

Meridiano (Original Mix)

Meridiano (Randall Jones Mix)

For The Saint (Original Mix)

Peyote Ugly (Juanjos Bonus Beats)

Peyote Ugly (Boom Jinx Now! Mix)

Hurt Me (Original Mix)

Cray1 LabWorks

TB or not TB (Original Mix)

TB or not TB (Martinez Re-adjustment)

Edge Records

Set Your Body Free (Original Mix)

Set Your Body Free (Heat Haze Mix)

Emotive Sounds

Base on Top (Original Mix)

Base on Top (Dub Mix)

Base on Top (Criminal Effect Mix)

Do it (Original Mix)

Do it (Luca Albano Redone Mix)

Body Guitar Rig (Strong Guitar Mix)

Body Guitar Rig (Guitar and Sax Mix)

Erase Records

Driven (Original Mix)

Dented (Original Mix)

Dented (Degrees of Freedom Remix)

Infamous Light Recordings

The Chant (Original Mix)

Makes Me Wonder (Original Mix)

Sabor del Sol (Original Mix)

Stand Up (Original Mix)

New Truth (Original Mix)

Keep Quiet (Original Mix)

Your Future (Original Mix)

Jester (After Hours Mix)

Venutian Dancer (Darkside Mix)

Institution Online

Hip No Jive (Original Mix)

Heterotopia (Original Mix)

Heterotopia (214 Mix)

Jackit Music

Seatbelt (Original Mix)

Seatbelt (Rob Lomax's Innertia Reel Remix)

Seatbelt (Joseph Armani Stop n Go Remix)

Kaya Records

Flavours (Original Mix)

Flavours (Sertac Kaya Remix)

Mixturi Digital

7am (Original Mix)

7am (Blue Room Project Mix)

Dans le Modele (Original Mix)

Nice Flight (Original Mix)

Orient Recordings

Frenzeed Funk (Original Mix)

Frenzeed Funk (Kink of Cool Breaks Mix)

Crystal Kiss (Vox Mix)

Crystal Kiss (Instrumental Mix)

Pear Music

Hypnotize Me (Club Mix)

Hypnotize Me (Dub Mix)

Hypnotize Me (Original Mix)

Segment Records

Zero Hours (Original Mix)

Zero Hours (Perry O' Neil Mix)

Sentient Records

Rhythm Revolution (Original Mix)

Rhythm Revolution (Liquefied Dub)

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