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DJs Are Alive: The Scumfrog . D:Fuse. DJ Skribble . Static Revenger . Kristine W.


With the rising use of laptops and digital files, live dance music and DJing have become as exciting as watching people check their email. Looking to bring the excitement back into the genre, five of its most visible names have united to present DJs ARE ALIVE, a collective formed by The Scumfrog, featuring dance music heavyweights D:Fuse, Static Revenger, DJ Skribble, and Kristine W. The act will unveil its live show on February 16th @ Canal Room in New York City and at the Winter Music Conference in March.

DJs ARE ALIVE is a unique exploration into a “live DJ set.” The group will play “mash up” versions of classic club tracks and their own material with the aid of 2 complete onstage DJ rigs, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, sax, FX, and an iconic female vocalist (who also plays an impressive array of musical instruments). Just wait until you see Kristine W. kick it on the saxophone! Click the following link for a look at the first-ever DJs ARE ALIVE rehearsal at Kristine’s ranch in Las Vegas: http://www.DJsarealive.com/video

After the band was formed they immediately got to work on recording a single; The Scumfrog started a groove on Pro-Tools and sent it out to the rest of the band who added additional parts. The result is “Gimme Some Love,” a track so good that DJs around the world demanded a copy before it was even completed. The finished track will be released this spring on Effin Records.

"It has been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a musical project. With remixing getting less challenging by the day, and underground dance music still losing ground in clubs throughout the US, I was looking for a new challenge and found it with DJs ARE ALIVE.” – The Scumfrog

DJs ARE ALIVE is truly one of the most exciting projects to hit dance music in recent history, and while the genre is definitely Dance, the spirit is a whole lot of rock and roll. DJs ARE ALIVE sweeps the whole prima donna DJ thing under the rug, and most importantly, it’s really, really good. There is some kind of magic that’s created when these five dance icons get in the same room and jam. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

DJs ARE ALIVE will unveil its live show on February 16th @ Canal Room in New York City and at the Winter Music Conference!


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