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What is BTU? We're not even sure. We do know that BTU was formed somtime late in 2004 as a joint

project between Fitzpatrick,Lavender, and O'Neel. Sharing similar musical interests and the same

overall vision, the three banded together in an attempt to promote themselves. Initially, the

three just wanted to help each other out a bit, but as they played together more,

they relaized the synergic potential of their talents.

Flash forward to Febuary 2005, the release of Fitzpatrick's "Interstate Travler 2" release. Many

people from all walks of life and varying tastes in music gathered together for a night that

nobody there will soon forget. Birmingham got it's first tast of BTU that night, and it's been

on ever since.

Ever since the first BTU party, people from all over have enjoyed the experience firsthand. From

Midwest Freakfest to Radio shows in Australia to Regional apperances, the members of BTU are

on the forefront of the Trance and Progressive scenes. Now they offer the experience to the

world with their official biweekly podcast, "Guide to the Weekend". People everywhere can experience BTU

whenever you want by subscribing to the podcast or downloading

the MP3's.

Come join us as dance music's best secret is let out of the bag.

Tune into us and Get Live.... Straight from the underground.


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