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Dave Chappelle's Block Party ! ! !


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...b4 this event occurred, I tried verrry hard to invite as maaany people possible! I made calls, emails, u name it I did it just cuz' I didn't want NE1 to miss out on this 1-time-only historical industry event! (Even ToNy was LATE meeting up with me and I woulda' left him high and dry if he hadn't arrived way miiinutes later - u wuz' lucky son!) aha The location of the concert wasn't disclosed even to those of us who were invited. We all had to meet up under the FDR expressway near Chinatown to board buses which would then take us to DaVe'S private concert location.

You shoulda' seen how many missed out on this event eeeven after waiting in line for the longest. As a matter of fact, some who even had rsvp's couldn't board the filled buses once they ran out of room AND to make matters worse it started raaaining!!! I had heads coming up to me beggin' me to pull some sorta' Gandalf but alas I had no powers and my staff was broken. Still, you wouldn't belieeeve how heads remained undaunted and made SURE they weren't missing this show! wink* Even ToNy and myself didn't make it on the bus cuz' they were all filled to capacity, (this despite there being at leeeast 15-20 buses that made roundtrips to transport all the attendees.)

Apparently I musta' spread the word about the show WAAAY too well cuz' the concert event was overbooked and the planners didn't anticipate the MOBS that arrived to get transportation to the show. I could get n2 a whole OTHER story regarding the adventurous trek ToNy S and I made to Bklyn just to make it to the show but that would leave too much to read. NEway we arrive and you can already see the throngs of heads amassed in front of the stage, (the 1's luuucky enough to have made it on the buses...grrrr!!!) lol Security was everywhere and we even caught up to a few bouncer friends I aint seen in a minute.

The rain wasn't as bad at first but was starting to pick up and get heavy. I aint even have an umbrella but I could care LESS cuz' I KNEW tonight was gone' be on and PoPPiN' like a ho' poppin' dat' thang, eating popcorn and suckin' on blowpops! You could see the neighborhood buzzin' with the news as heads who weren't invited kept coming in droves to the area only to be restrained by security and police. As ToNy and I walked on in to the roped off and baricaded area, I was more XxX'cited than a virgin on prom night, (I think I mighta' been moist and leaking just a lil' too.) jk

We bumrushed through the crowd so we could get up front and find the VIP all the while not fully comprehending what an amaaazing event was in store for us!!! All during our crowded thug'rush through the concert crowd we kept running n2 heads we aint seen in udeen' years! As always, there I went again networking and making the rounds. The show wasn't ready yet since they were waiting for more heads to arrive so ToNy and I separated every few minutes to holla' at our peeps' and "ketchup" 2 heads. I kid u NOT eeerr'body and their gynecologist was there, (I think I even saw Cookie Monster up in dat' piece!)

I'm tellin' y'all the LOVE was in the air, in the rain, in err'body's faces, I mean it was EVERYWHERE!!! You could just smeeell the weed, chronic, haze, purple, strawberry and all other kinds of "LoVe" being spread and passed around too! lol I swear, it didn't matter where or which spot u moved to, cyphers were everywhere and all ova' the place. Puff and pass cyphers, hippie cyphers, thug cyphers, clown cyphers and of course our favorite...freestyle cyphers!!! People were so excited and happy just to be there that u could feel the electricity and unbridled energy throughout the mixed crowd. There were food stands set up outside with the best of authentic Carribbean and African cuisine so u KNOW ToNe' and I got plates son! Haha

I could go on and on but you already heard the rumors, saw it on the news, peeped the commercials and got the "heads-up" from friends who were fortunate enough 2 make this event...but it was craaazy, DAAAMN!!! Killin' and blowin' it up live onstage...KANYE WEST, COMMON, The ROOTS, JILL SCOTT, CODY CHESTNUTT...my baaaby ERYKAH BADU, BIG DADDY KANE, KOOL G. RAP, ANDRE 4000...I'm not 4getting no'body but there's just too much to name, my boy the mighty MOS DEF, TALIB KWELI...(who else didn't I name ToNy???) wink* JOHN LEGEND, the inimitable DEAD PREZ and of cooourse the MAN of the hour who we ALL came to see:

D A V E - C H A P P E L L E ! ! !

But then...as if the clouds parted from the heavens...the show was compleeetely stolen and taken to ANOTHER UNBELIEVABLE LEVEL!!! Who coulda' thunk it or orchestrated it ANY better, cuz' right then and there just when we thought it couldn't get no betta'...as if a genie popped outta' TyRoNe BiGGuMS crackpipe and granted all our wishes...guess what happens?!! The UNTHINKABLE...who thought it ever would or even COULD happen BUT...after a 7 year hiatus of beef...drama...a breakup...mad rumors and speculation...I kid u NOT people and I'm telling you when I say this...just when you thought the freeenzied crowd couldn't get any MO' CRUNK...(deep breath)

...the FUUUGEEEEEES ! ! !

(I aint eeen' gone' say NO'MO just go see the movie cuz' WHEN u DO...it will ALL be answered...my words, ANY1 else's words simply can't describe or do fair justice to the moment THEY went on...PERIOD!!! Ask ANY1 and they'll ALL end it with the same two words...THE FUGEES!!! This concert was a historical moment in time that will neeever be hated, replicated or duplicated and I aint playin' when I say the show was classic, immortal, stupenderrific, orgasmic, traumatizing, gigantically tremendous and simply M...O...N...U...M...E...N...T...A...L ! ! ! Go peep' the movie folks if u don't believe me but it's worth every cent of yo' chedda' and IF u were there to witness it 1sthand then u already know...nuff' said...so SPREAD THE WORD!!!)

*.~.* SLuRP: http://www.myspace.com/prettyboy669nyc *.~.*

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