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Golden Boy Mike @ Utopia 3 - 3/10/06

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MJS Productions


Utopia 3

Discounted Pre-sale Tickets Now on Sale at http://www.mjsproductions.net/page12.html

$5 - Pre-Sale General Admission

$12 - VIP Admission - includes General Admission and Reserved Table Seating

Buying Discounted Pre-Sale Tickets gives you Guaranteed Admittance with no wait in line, even when at capacity.


For Discounted Guest List email goldenboymike@mjsproductions.net with first and last names by 4pm Friday March 10.

Guest List doesn't guarantee admission if at capacity, only Pre-Sale Tickets do.


GoGo Dancers:

Marta (MJSProductions.net Management)


Marta is MJSProductions.net Management Agency's newest GoGo Dancer under contract. Marta has danced at several clubs including Fifth Quarter, Brass Rail, and Static and is regularly sought out by promoters all over Southern California. Her stamina, energetic moves, and enthusiasm keep the crowd involved and dancing all night long!



Dawn is a GoGo Dancer/Model who regularly dances in San Diego and Las Veagas for all the biggest parties.


Golden Boy Mike (MJSProductions.net Management, DVS Records) - Trance


Trance Pioneer/Master and 20 year DJ veteran Golden Boy Mike has headlined clubs on both coasts from Florida-California, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Chicago, and everywhere in between playing by the side of other national touring dj's such as Ollie (Warp Brothers), Micro, Simply Jeff, Mea, Derrick Thompson, and Dj Irene and west coast trance favorites such as Armann the Brainchild and Thee-O. He has held residencies at all of San Diego's largest clubs including Montage, Martini Ranch, Decos, Onyx Room, Pure, Brass Rail, Kraken, Canes, and Victors and regularly travels to Las Vegas playing at clubs such as Seven and House of Blues. TheDjList.com ranked him among the world’s top 600 dj's in 2002 and in 2003 he vaulted to the top 400 (200 in the U.S.) He has released 15 mixtapes and 3 Cd's - "HiNRG" (2001), "Sweet Dreams" (2001) and "Escape" (2003), which are all featured on several club websites and are available at California Sound and Lighting (calsound.com), United Records (unrec.com), Mileage Clubwear, and DVS Record Store. In 2004 he formed MJSProductions.net Artist Management Agency for Dj's and GoGo Dancers and in 2005 he opened MJS Records, specializing in trance records. He is sponsored by DVS Records. His special blend of Trance and HiNRG takes your imagination on a musical journey.

Bookings: email goldenboymike@mjsproductions.net

Vote for Golden Boy Mike at TheDjList.com and get a 50% Discount on your Cover Charge! Just email the "Voted Successfully"

page to goldenboymike@mjsproductions.net along with your name. We will send you a Confirmation e-mail.

To vote for Golden Boy Mike at The Dj List - click here

Sgrigs (MJSProductions.net Management, HUSTLER) - Mash-ups


Sgrigs has been playing for many years, getting his start with trance. He now plays Hip Hop to Hardcore and all genres in between. His first band was 420’N’PROGRESS, a 2x4, with 3 Djs. He has also spun with Channel Surfer in a live PA Act and alongside legendary Hip Hop group - Alkaholiks. He was resident DJ in Los Angeles at Club ESC (@ Club Grand), and Brass Rail and Montage in San Diego. He has played with such DJ’s as Ollie from the Warp Brothers, Nicholas Bennison, Mars, Dyloot, Tom Silk, Thee-O, and Swedish Egil. In October 2004 he signed with MJSProductions.net Management and quickly secured residencies at Rouge and Kadan. In June 2005 he headlined the Heaven and Hell Ball in Las Vegas at Seven. He loves to incorporate lightning fast scratches and edits into his mixes. He is an experienced DJ who can mix and scratch on up to 4 turntables and a must see for all music and turntablist lovers.

HUFNPUF (MJSProductions.net Management, Coyote) - Old School


HuffnPuff has been a long time supporter of MJS Productions and has Dj'd for us many times the past. He has played at all of San Diego's biggest clubs such as Montage, Ole Madrid, Brass Rail, Static, and many others. His sets are very versatile, moving between vinyl and CD's while playing HipHop, House, Breakbeats, Indie Dance Remixes and MashUps. He is excellent at reading the dancefloor and can play music for any crowd. He signed with MJSProductions.net Management in July 2005 and soon after headlined Pool Party Weekend at the Las Vegas Hilton and Las Vegas House of Blues. He has also played alongside the legendary hip hop group, the Alkaholiks. Be on the lookout for HuffnPuff's latest mix showcasing his unique cross-genre programming, soon to be available for download at MJSProductions.net and http://www.myspace.com/huff_and_puff.

Sonix (djsonix.com) - Progressive House/Trance

Sonix has traveled extensively around the globe at a very young age. Such nomadic lifestyle has molded Sonix into quite an unique character. Distancing himself from the norm, Sonix has been the leading pioneer in what he plays and how he plays. His artistry shines from his worldly experience and innovative nature.

It all began during his relentless quest to find the perfect sound. Sonix stumbled upon Trance around '96 when a friend handed him an Oakenfold mixtape. Upon listening to only the first few minutes of Oakey's tape, Sonix knew at that moment that he found what he was searching for for a long time. Sonix realized that in Trance he felt spiritually and musically at home.

In 1997, Sonix began producing Trance tunes using a mod sequencer, Fast Tracker. His experience from playing the piano and saxophone as well as knowledge in music theory aided him greatly when he first started producing Trance music.

In hopes of spreading the love for Trance, Sonix started his independent SnX Records label in 1998. While mixing in the studio and DJing at parties throughout Canada, his unique massive sound quickly magnetized the hearts of many fans across the nation.

Towards the end of '98, Sonix moved down to California and shared his Canadian sound to the club-goers in the States. Immediately, listeners felt in love with his unique rolling basslines and trippy synthesized melodies.

Throughout his DJing career in Southern California, Sonix has earned a respectful reputation of elevating the dancefloor with his signature marathons. What sets Sonix apart from the rest of the pack is his unique style of mixing a full spectrum of electronic dance music into one progressing motion. Using a vast array of DJing arsenals from house to progressive to break beat to trance to hard dance and so forth, Sonix is able to bring in each element and transcend the dancefloor. The end result is a skillfully crafted musical realm that taunts you to come back for more.

To date, Sonix has performed in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia at clubs, raves, festivals, in addition to global radio shows. Fans from around the world have given Sonix nothing but praises about his mesmerizing live performances. They have described his sets as energetically trippy, hypnotically mind-blowing, as well as complimented his sound as a blend of Oakenfold, J00F, AvB, PvD, Tiesto, and Sasha with a spice of Hybrid's Nu Skool breaks. With his ability to draw masses and keep them on their toes, Sonix is definitely not to be missed and his sets are quintessential to every Electronic listener's musical journey. Expect top-notch choons and mixes from this crowd-pleasing giant in the years to come.

Resonate (djresonate.com, DVC, SF) - Trance

DJ Resonate laid down his roots in the Bay Area, Northern California, USA. Recently, he has been digging his niche in southern California. His inspiration for creating and mixing electronic music first came to him in his teens during a trip to Mexico where he ventured out into the Acapulco night life. As soon as he came back he began saving for a sound processor and computer which eventually were attained. His musical experience in guitar, piano, and drums starting from when he was a child, allowed him to grow into a full fledged DJ and composer soon after he touched his first set of decks. Traces of his hardcore metal and peaceful classical influences can be detected in his music and have contributed to his contrasting edgy mixing and composing style. Trance music soon came to be his genre of choice and since then he has jumped onto the scene with hard rhythms and uplifting melodies. His ability to push and pull the audience between the aggressive and the uplifting inspirational tracks, has granted Resonate one of the top up and coming DJ spots.

Ali Gowhari (DVC, SD) - Trance

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for more information check www.MJSProductions.net

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