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Peeled Tracks Releases Review


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Yo, although our meeting usually use to be every two weeks when each release will be out am going to to give you a preview

of the first 5 releases on Peeled Tracks, and this will happen every 5 releases to remind you of the good music that had been

released from January 2006 till now.

PT 001 - Ratassaeriet - All Night Long

A duo from Sweden/Norway respectively delivered their first release with some electro and minimal stuff.


1. All Night Long - Sample

2. Typhoon - Sample

3. Onions - Sample

PT 002 - Melchior Sultana - Music Saved My Life

We might know this guy on Urban State Records, however his style on on Peeled Tracks has changed a little bit into more

minimal and groovy stuff, ace!


1. Jelly Babe - Sample

2. Frameworks - Sample

3. Just Once - Sample ]

PT 003 - X-18 - John E.P.

This was a different approach from the label, goes even underground, Acid and Dark Techno, however it worked, here are the samples.


1. Number 1 - Sample

2. Number 2 - Sample

PT 004 - USK - Joy & Sorrow

Originally called Yusuke Tan, this guy from Japan was a bit revolutionary even with the concept of the label, as he delivered sounds

originating from the GameBoy, however he's a specialist in this style, and another artist from Sweden will have a release later on this year

with the same style.


1. Club Venus - Sample

2. Little Sound Disko - Sample

3. Old Robot Song - Sample

4. The Melodies of The Moment - Sample

PT 005 - Sir Round - Your'e Welcome E.P.

The style of this release was a bit different from other releases that we might have listened from him, more electroish stuff with some Techno element.


1. Electro Emissions - Sample

2. After The Virus - Sample

3. Unblended - Sample

Last but not least, the new website is up, check it out and see you next week!! www.peeledtracks.com

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