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scott blue - micro tangents - the album

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Scott Blue

After years absorbing house and techno beats in the St. Louis club and party scene, Scott moved to Chicago in March of 2000 eager to learn the art of underground, dance music, production.

After a few months spent searching for the right gear, Scott moved to a large apartment in Skokie and filled the 2,000 square feet with little more than vintage, analog, snythesizers, a TR-909, a guitar, a sequencer, and a bed. In 2001 and 2002, Scott's friends began to praise his production work and several of his tracks could be heard in miscellaneous clubs throughout the Chicagoland area. The feedback was great, but Scott was unable to find the right team to help him launch his music, and the tracks were shelved.

In the late summer of 2002 Scott moved back to St. Louis and resumed playing lead guitar for The Swift Blue Toms. After a production break that lasted nearly a year, Scott set out to make a collection of tracks worthy of his experience in Chicago. The result is "Micro Tangents," a collection of house, techno, and funk tracks straight from the heart of his experience in Chicago.

micro tangents - the album

Scott Blue's debut album on Essential Beats Studios. In this album Scott takes you on a ride with his blend of soulful and edgy house tunes. With a touch of funk you can definitly get good feel for Scott's taste and influence. Forged from a good mix of Chicago house and St.Louis influence this album is a much for every house music lover.

get it here

Scott Blue

micro tangents - the album

out on Essential Beats Stusios

essentialtrax.net | audiojelly.com

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