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Sister 8025 Miami...."Killer" Music


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With all original songs by Dance Planet X, and Remixes by Saliva Commandos and Thee Werq'N B!tches!


For Extra media and information including Audio, Video, Liner notes, Lyrics, and cover art visit:




Dance Planet X

The Alternative Electronic Act collectively known as Dance Planet X (DPX) brings to the music world an eclectic sound that hovers on the border with the likes of Bjork, Garbage, Deee-lite, Nine Inch Nails, Petshop Boys, Sneaker Pimps and Madonna plus a signature outer space sound all their own. With an extensive catalog of ever evolving music, yet always true to electronica, Dance Planet X is an experience not to be missed live, and is certainly a treat to enjoy on a personal level

--->Trilogy of Terror:

A Tribute to three horror movies: Caligula (Ancient Horror), Rosemary's baby (Classic American horror), and Blade (Future Dark World). Haunting and moving, completely groundbreaking and treading new territory. These cinematic MASTERPIECES will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions.Horror Fanatics, ENJOY!.

--->Trilogy of Terror: Saliva Commandos Remixes:

Here is the exclusive accompanying set of remixes for each of the trilogy of terror tracks by NY DJ saliva commandos best known for his white label breakthrough megahit Serial buff. Serial Buff was a favorite for DJs by the likes of , Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenagalia, Johnny Vicious, Merrit, Lord G, Hex Hector and many others. here he's done it again to each of Dance Planet X's Trilogy of Terror tracks.

--->Rosemary's Baby Maxi-single:

Rosemary's Baby, the Pet shop Boys-Esque lullaby dance track; Is both a Tribute to the film as well as a metaphor for life and our trust in strangers, and Friends. The song brings to the light, the dark underbelly of the human condition which can be evil, and the Mask that it wears daily. with soothing lullabies and lyrics, equally sinister as they are beautiful, Rosemary's Baby is a groundbreaking Track. Here you can here great mixes, by the Saliva commandos, Thee Werq'n B!tches, as well as a few bonus tracks including a Karaoke track for the Rosemary Woodhouse in us all. watch your back!


Sister 8025 Recording artist DJ Maximus 3000's weekly mix show " The Glitz session" on the #1 GLBT friendly intertnet radio site. with a WHOPPING 2 million hits on average per month and home to a whos who of cutting edge circuit , tribal and gay friendly DJs. including the famed crown jewel "* 69 live" with rotoating DJ/hosts Peter rauhofer, Chus & Ceballos, and Offer Nissim just to name a few.

You can catch DJ Maximus 3000's Glitz Sessions every wednesday night/ Thursday morning from 1:00 am - 3:00 am EST

Or visit www.djmaximus3000.com for all pre-recorded shows...




Dance Planet X on rotation DJ Monsta's track listing from Sirius Satellite Radio

Updated December 6, 2006

Also Heard On

Sirius Area 33

Sirius The Beat 36

Dish Network 6033

Dish Network 6036

KCLA Los Angeles 99.3

KBLU Santa Fe 102.9








Playlist Set 118 Area 33

Maze Of Electronic Impulses - Rui DaSilva

Tokyo Song - Dance Planet X

The Cycle - Manny Ward Ft.Danny Morales

The Siren - Edson Pride

I Need Someone - Ralph Falcon

Blade - Dance Planet X

The Dj Made Me Do It - Robin

Horizones - Dan B

When Love Comes - Flash Brothers

Ordinary Day - Judge Jules



Join Denise and Donna on Gay internet Radio live.com's Lesbian Lounge on Dec 27 for

special Guests Dance Planet X As they talk about Upcoming projects, Touring, and Current news.

This is the # 1 Show on the # 1 GLBT station in the US!. check it out!.


THANKS EVERYONE! Let us know what you think! Happy Holidays!

ATTN DJs: We have Promos for you, Let us know if youd like some of these Tracks....on us! cheers!

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