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002 Hidden Recordings: Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause "She's Got Soul" EP OUT NOW!


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The 2nd release off Hidden Recordings is now available for download here:


We are really excited about sharing this three track EP with you! The feedback has been tremendous as DJs from all over the world have been supporting the tracks thus far. A few quotes below from some the world's best:

Mazi (Audio Soul Project, Gourmet Recordings, USA) says of our track 'Hades'

The bass line is really fun and that extra long breakdown towards the end will wreak havoc on the right dance floor. I also like that the track is direct and focused.

Jennifer Cardini (The Rebel Agency, France) says she loves the "atmosphere" and said 'Blow' is a "Must!". Also she liked the "energy" of 'Hades'.

For a more complete description of the tracks, and to see a rating of 5.5 out of 6, please go here->www.soundrevolt.com/releases-87-en.html


1. Hades – This track was made for the dance floor. It has strong drums and kicks along with a driving bass line. It doesn’t take long to get right into the heart of the track. The loud buzz from the beginning of the track keeps the track chaotic. The varying kicks keep the track fresh and always changing. There are elements of minimal techno, and house in this track. The break builds a lot of tension and explodes into the second part of the track where the momentum from the beginning of the track continues.

2. Blow – This is a beautiful track crafted for those who would play these in a club, an outdoor venue or even listen at home. It’s the perfect track to finish a long night off. It has a very minimal feel, but the “swooshing sounds†and other obscure sounds. The soft driving bass will keep your head nodding and the subtle guitar sounds that come into later in the track again take the track to a new height. A truly groovy and happy track. The guitar sounds then dominate and it is almost like you have somebody playing the guitar solo and combined with the soft driving bass create a happy vibe. The guitar solo at the break builds tension and also offers a time of inner peace and reflection. This track will open your eyes and make you smile. The guitar solo then leads back into the driving bass and continues on giving the track a strong push to the end, just like when you are finishing a night at a club but want to finish strong. The guitar snippets give the track an ‘airy’ feel that again will open minds and keep people grooving. Play this one with the lights on at the end of a night, or outdoors with a thousand of your friends.

3. She’s Got Soul – Another dance floor track that takes more of late night feel. The guitar rifts give the track a happy feel along with a driving synth sound that give the track a late night psychedelic feel. The kicks and highs drive the track varying quite a bit from moment to moment. The guitar sounds help drive the track. Then the driving guitar sounds really take over. It drives the track to a whole new level. At the break is a ferocious echo electric guitar solo reminiscent of outdoor festivals from the 60’s. Think Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock! The track then builds back up with drums and at a peak in the guitar solo the track explodes keeping the driving guitar sounds. Throughout the end of the track you can hear the echo guitar, which gives the track a reckless and carefree feel.

Find us on the web:


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Thanks for checking us out!

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