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5/26 Advanced Technologies: A Live PA Gathering $5

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The D.E.V.I.L.

in association with Motown Depth & Electro Organism


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES a live p.a. gathering



Kikoman(2 hrs) Techno Deep Fried Music Kalamazoo,MI

James Pennington Techno Underground Resistance Detroit

Rob Rage(3 tables) Hard Techno 313 Family Columbus,OH

The Ghoulies(live) Trip Hop & Techno EOC Lansing

Red Pill : Blue Pill(live) Hard Techno Mad At Society Detroit

Interstellar Transmissions(live) Acid Techno 313 Family Detroit

Blue Legoon(live) Hip Hop DPS,Local 313 Detroit

Aaron Carl Electro House Wallshaker Music Detroit

Jesse J.(live & Dj) Techno 313 Family Detroit

Tek.User(live & Dj) Techn0 & Ambient DPS,Local 313

Module 8(live) Min.Techno EOC Detroit

Gusto(live & Dj) Detroit Techno Black & White Detroit

Ethyx Hip Hop/Turntablism/D & B Motown Depth Detroit

Raskillz Tech House Black & White Toledo

Zeroxxx Hard House & Ghetto Tech 313 Family Detroit

Jase One Electro Foot Clan Detroit

The Machinist Hard Techno Motown Depth Detroit

EDubb House Wallshaker Music Detroit

Sonic Disturbance(live) Tech Breaks EOC Detroit

The Deaken***Special Sunrise D & B set*** Detroit

The Disciple Drum & Bass Detroit

Joe Cool House Cool Productions Detroit

Located in the Leland Building.Use Entrance through the Labrynth 1701 Cass Ave.

$5 18+ w/ ID 21+ to drink....

$2 drink specials!!

Doors 10pm-10am Bar reopens at 6 am with dirt cheap drink specials!!

Fore more info call 313 971 7340


Special Thanks to:Deep Fried Music,UR,Local 313,DPS,313 Family,Motown Depth,Black & White prod., Electro Organism crew,Wallshaker, and all who support underground dance music.

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