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GrooveBox Symphony LIVE P.A. (no laptop, DAT, etc.)

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In a time when computers and automation link us to any of our worldly desires, 29 year old Miami master of the groovebox Marty Petza aka Mickey Nightrain has decided to "unplug the plug-ins." 100% LIVE. No laptop computer, no DAT, no pre-recorded sources such as a cd, vinyl or mp3. Taking his second live p.a. set entitled Groovebox Symphony in a whole new direction, Petza's sound has matured while keeping the groove. The dramatic set takes on many influences but keeps the integrity of his productions as his past house / techno alter ego "Maximus" in which his tracks have appeared on the legendary Frankie Bones' labels. His latest track "Meno Mosso" will be realeased on July 27th is a prime example of just a part of the sound and style he creates with hardware synthesizers, samplers, effects and of course, a groovebox drum machine. The first Groovebox Symphony show will be at Studio A in Miami, FL afterhours July 21/22. GrooveBox Symphony is now booking exclusively through East Music Group...



To preview a track from GrooveBox Symphony go to www.myspace.com/djmickeynightrain and check out the first track on the player called "Meno Mosso."



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